Audience at Gimli Theatre

Gimli Film Festival

The Gimli Film Festival is widely recognized as the most successful film festival in Manitoba. Over the last eighteen years, our audience, sponsors and partners have supported and shaped the festival into what it is today.

Join us for critical, engaging and entertaining cinema from the most promising Manitoban and Canadian filmmakers and an exceptional selection of feature films and documentaries from around the world!
• Four indoor venues and the popular RBC Sunset Screenings: Free on-the-beach movies!
• Local and Canadian premieres of award-winning films from around the world
• Over $11,000 awarded in pitch competitions & film competitions
• Q & As with filmmakers
• Workshop and panels for aspiring filmmakers
• Special Events
See you at the beach for 19th edition of the Gimli Film Festival — July 24 – 28, 2019!

Board of Directors

Honourable Janis G. Johnson, Chair and Founder
Claire Gillis, Vice Chair
Del Arnason, Treasurer
Devan Towers, Secretary

Michelle Aitkenhead
Norma Bailey
James Borsa
Lynn Chalmers
Rebecca Gibson
Lila Goodspeed
Vera Goussaert
Kristján Harris
Terry MacLeod
Syndi Prokopich

Thank You

A special thanks to the 100 volunteers that help make the festival run so smoothly. Our volunteers are an important and dedicated group of people.

Thank you to owners and staff of the indoor venues: The Gimli Theatre, The Gimli Unitarian Church, New Iceland Heritage Museum (The Lady of the Lake Theatre), Lakeview Resort and Conference Centre, Gimli Dance Pavilion, Gimli Lutheran Church and Waterfront Centre (Johnson Hall on 5th floor).

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