Short Films by Young Manitoba Filmmakers!
12:30pm | Thurs, July 25 | Lutheran Church Theatre

Join us for the screening of films by aspiring young filmmakers from Art City, Winnipeg Film Group’s Teen Filmmaking Camp, and Gimli’s MTYP Movie Magic Camp. The program also includes four films from the Sisler High School’s Interactive Digital Media Program, including the following films…


Aria | 9 min

Aria is a story of loss, heartbreak, and reconciliation. The story follows a grandson, named Joseph and his grandfather on the path to connect once again after the loss of their mother/daughter. Joseph’s grandfather is starting to develop memory loss which makes the steps to reconcile even harder for them. The feeling of isolation starts to take its turn for Joseph as the days go on. To truly be on the same page they must come together and accept what they have lost together. To truly be happy once again.

Tyson Poshtar – Director, Cinematography, Writer, Editor, Music, Sound design, Graphic Design, Social Media, BTS
Nathan Flores – Director, DoP, Editor, Colorist, Storyboard artist, BTS
Paolo Siapno – Music, Cinematography, Sound Design, Storyboard artist, artist.
Miguel Pagcaliwagan – Foley art, Boom Mic operator, Editor, Storyboard artist.
Vince Lee – Cinematography, Sound Design, Storyboard Artist, Set Design, BTS
Mia Planas – Producer, Social Media manager
Sara Burazor – Producer, Social media, Costume design, Art director
Chris Rodriguez – Actor, Writer.
Aries De Vera – Editor, Cinematography, Colorist, Storyboard artist, BTS
Jodi Ducay – Sound design, Art director, Research, BTS
Adrian Flora – Sound Design, Lighting, Storyboard Artist, BTS
Caear Tumambing – Music, Composing.
Mirella Aiello – Actress, Makeup Artist.
Jonathan Pagulayan – Sound Design, Foley Art, BTS
Patrick Kobylinski – BTS


Camellia | 4 min

Camellia is a short animation that focuses on a young girl who wishes to reconnect with her Father after a devastating loss. Struggling to find comfort in her own home, she sets out to find solace in relations long gone. Follow her as we see a broken home come together again and a grieving family start to heal. Done by the students of Bok Productions, Camellia is a reminder that even through hard times, the bonds of family can never break.

Luisa Roscuata (Lead Animator, Clean-Up Artist, Concept Artist, Colour Artist)
Ann Ma. Theresa Enriquez (Story Artist, Lead Concept Artist, Lead Background Artist, Clean-up Artist, Colour Artist)
Therese Dizon (Concept Artist, Lead Animator, Clean-up Artist, Colour Artist)
Vincent Reyes (Concept Artist, Animator, Clean-Up Artist)
John Hildawa (Concept Artist, Animator, Clean-Up Artist, Lead Sound Design Artist)
Adam Altura (Concept Artist, Background Artist, Animator, Clean-Up Artist)
Jett Marcelo (Concept Artist, Background Artist, Animator)
Clarisse Ramos (Concept Artist, Animator, Clean-Up Artist)
Jemimah Suba (Concept Artist, Background Artist)
Romar Dayrit (Concept Artist, Animator, Colour Artist)
Matthew Tardaguila (Animator)
Helena Khouv (Animator)
Anjali Sindhu (Animator, Clean-Up Artist)
Alex Capones (Concept Artist, Animator, Colour Artist)
Rance Dee (Concept Artist, Animator, Colour Artist)
Miguel Pagcaliwagan (Animator, Clean-Up Artist)
Jireh Laririt (Animator)
Kyla Ramilo (Animator)
Erika Demition (Animator, Colour Artist)
Mia Planas (Sound Design Artist)



Crunchtime is a student made animation produced by Sisler IDM and made by Aisle57. This comedic compilation focusses on different Olympic events reimagined with food. The cheesy and dramatic nature of the animation explores many different genres, from the wild west to passionate telenovellas. You butter be bread-y for this.

Anjali Sidhu: storyboard artist, concept artist, animator
Joachim Malig: animator, concept artist, voice actor
Nya Langit: animator, concept artist, social media manager
Anita Chandara: concept artist, animator, social media manager
Matthew Tardaguila: concept artist, editor, animator
Miguel Viado: sound designer/music, concept artist


Syana | 4 min

Syana is a student made animation produced by sisler IDM and created by Majo Studios. Follow Syana as she tries to find the courage to pull away from her isolation after losing her mother. It takes more than an intervention of fate for her to leave home and find others just like herself. The short animation focuses on needing to let go of the past and embrace what lies ahead.

Helena Khouv: animator, background artist, concept/storyboard artist.
Mae Lestones: concept artist, animator, background artist
Erika Demition: animator, voice actor, background artist
Jemimah Suba: background artist, voice actor, animator, concept artist
JM Bertulfo: animator, voice actor
Kira Hare: animator
Macy Luna: music and sound, animator