Welcome Stacha!

A warm welcome to Gimli International Film Festival’s new Communications Coordinator, Stacha Penner! 

Stacha (stay-shah) has been immersed in the arts for as long as she can remember. Dancing, singing, writing, painting – you name it. If it allowed Stacha to be creative, she was crazy about it. Eventually, she focused on classical ballet, graduating from Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet in 2015 and working as a teacher and choreographer at dance schools throughout Manitoba.

Stacha’s knack for writing never wavered, and neither did her love for Manitoba’s arts scene. So, naturally, she began working in communications in Manitoba’s non-profit and music sector, gaining valuable experience in social media management, design, and copywriting. Stacha has also written several articles for the Projector and This Magazine and produces a horror podcast with her co-host and pal, Elisha Corsiga. 

Since beginning her studies at RRC Polytech’s Creative Communications program, Stacha has honed her skills as a writer, editor, and designer. She’s explored film writing, photography, and video production, discovering a new favourite medium in the process.

Stacha aspires to support Manitoba’s arts sector with her skills and is very excited to work with GIFF this summer. When she isn’t at work or school, you can find Stacha at local music events, climbing with her friends, or hiking Manitoba’s backcountry. You can get in touch with Stacha at media@gimlifilm.com.