Visions of the end

Graphic for film series 5


When post-Cold War triumphalist Francis Fukuyama proclaimed ‘the End of History’ in 1992, he based his thesis not just on the seemingly unstoppable march of capitalism, but also on the pacified nature of western societies.  And while our consumerist, self-obsessed blinders have yet to come off, a growing collective anxiety over an uncertain future is omniprescent – in our cities, our minds and our cinema.   This collection of shorts presents climate anxiety envisioned, plus grief for the slow death of analogue filmmaking.

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Still image from 7a7A
dir. Zachary Russell
2018 | Canada | 10 min.

A woman recording a video in her apartment is interrupted by a maintenance worker and forced into a precarious situation. Crafted masterfully by Zachary Russell, 7A is a genre-bending film that leaves you gasping for air.




Still image from ReclamationReclamation
dir. Thirza Jean Cuthand
2018 | Canada | 13 min.

After white people have left Earth for Mars, Indigenous people talk about their work reclaiming the lands and restoring the health of the planet and their communities.




Still image from Driving DinosaursDriving Dinosaurs
dir. Emma Piper-Burket
2018 | United States | 9  min.

An 89-year-old marketing gimmick subliminally resurfaces on a lonely road in the American west.







Last day of the luna moth, The (Le dernier jour du papillon lune)
dir. Guillaume Vallée
2019 | Canada | 5 min.

A luna moth is dying in front of the eyes of a child. From the point of view of the insect, we hear the child wonder about death, post-mortem and the ephemeral, in the form of a monologue inspired by Cioran.




 Still image from Where We StandWhere We Stand
dir. Lindsay McIntyre
2014 | Canada | 5 min.

Where We Stand is a haunting portrait of theaters shot on handmade 16mm iodo-bromide emulsion. With a strong commitment to retaining the language of film, Where We Stand takes a good hard look at the fragile future of films made on film in this digital age.





Still image from FloresFlores
dir. Jorge Jácome
2017 | Portugal | 26 min.

In a natural crisis scenario, the entire population of Azores is forced to evict due to an uncontrolled plague of hydrangeas, a common flower in these islands.