The Future is Female* Winter Filmmaking Retreat

Applications open NOW! 

The Future is Female* Winter Filmmaking Retreat will provide up to 10 applicants free transportation, accommodations and educational programming retreat from Winnipeg, MB to Gimli, MB for 3 days of inspiring and educational woman-driven film programming March 27th – 29th 2020.

This mentorship program is aimed at involving more women-identified, trans and non-binary folx in the Gimli Film Festival and the greater filmmaking community! This includes woman-directed film screenings, Q&As with out-of-town filmmakers, master classes, workshops and more!

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This retreat is about YOU!

Geared towards emerging filmmakers and mid-career filmmakers, the Future is Female* Winter Filmmaking Retreat will require each applicant to apply with some sort of project concept. This project can be in the early states of conception, or be a bit further along in pre-production.

Along with the mentors, each applicant will be approaching the workshops and masterclasses throughout this retreat with a project in mind, to better relate the information to something tangible, and takeaway skills that can better develop the project in question.

The workshops will be geared towards clarity of ideas, pitching your idea, grant writing, filmmaking from pre-production to post-production, and finally, composition of shots & cinematography. Interested in applying? Apply Here Today! 

We’re so excited to hear from you all!

*This program is of course meant to be inclusive, and as such the asterisk here is meant to represent any non-binary, trans and woman-identified folks that don’t prescribe to traditional gender norms.  All woman-identified, trans and non-binary individuals are very much encouraged to apply to this program! 


This program is brought to the year-round programming to the Gimli Film Festival as a part of The Manitoba Project.

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