Thanks to our 2020 Star Donors!


The past year has been full of uncertainties for Arts Organizations like the Gimli Film Festival.  Without the incredible and unwavering support of GFF’s 76 Star Donors listed below, GFF would have never been able to present one of the most comprehensive Online Film Festivals ever offered in Canada!

In 2020, Donors big and small lined up to support our Festival and together we transformed Manitoba’s largest film festival into an innovative online event.  GFF streamed a total of 4 months, 1 day, 8 hours of content to over 8,000 digital attendees in just 6 days. Festival goers across the globe tuned in from 11 Canadian provinces and territories, 12 US States and 7 International Countries.

Because of the generosity of those listed below, GFF maintained nearly all our regular programming and continued to provide impactful entertainment to thousands of families and individuals stuck at home! The impact of their contributions and support reaches further then the number of attendees and months of content consumed. The true metric of their impact was in the hours of phone calls and the hundreds of emails from our devoted film goers ranting and raving about their excitement that Gimli Film Festival was going to continue through the 2020 season. You made this happen! We are all truly thankful for your generous and continuing support of the Gimli Film Festival.

We look forward to thanking you in person whenever we can see you!

But for now, we wish you all Happy Holidays and Good Health in the New Year!


The Entire Gimli Film Festival Team


Aurora Borealis | $750 and up

Dayna & Charlie Spiring
Ernest Stefanson & Claire Gillis
James & Krista Morden
Leonard Asper
Honourable Gary & Honourable Janice Filmon

Northern Star | $500 – $750

Al Shell
Del & Tim Arnason
Dr. Richard Boroditsky
Eric Stefanson
Honourable Janis Johnson
Lila Goodspeed Everett
Lynn Chalmers
Norma Bailey
Rebecca Gibson


Milky Way | $250 – $499

Gwen Kalansky
Vera Goussaert


Orion | $100 – $249

Alana Langelotz, Barbara Kaufman, Beatrice and Andre Goussaert, Devan Towers, Hannah Johnson, Judith Richardson, Pauline Greenhill, Steven Benstead, Sue Stewart


Cassiopeia | $20 – $99

Andrew James, Anita Daher, Annette Schultz, Bev Peters, Catherine Fitzpatrick, Christine Swanson, Corinne Turner, Dan Keizer, Danielle Sturk, Dave Barber, Dave Zeglinski, David Firman, David Zellis, Deb Shaw, Diane Phillips, Erika MacPherson, Evelyn Shaefer, Gail Granger, Janz Oona-Harris, Jen Potter, Jesse Hourie, Joy Loewen, Judy Haid, Kay Schulz, Kevin Friday, Krista Zeghers, Kristian Klippenstein, Kristin Haight, Len Paquin, Lisa McRorie, Lydia Kandia, Lynda Norman, Lynn Hamilton, M C Laureano,  M R  Sproxton, Margaret Belew, Marion Magnusson, Monique Raimbault, Pat Odegard, Pina Robinson, Robert Coulter, Ruth Arnason, Sean Carleton, Shelagh Carter, Stella Hryniuk, Susan Algie, Vanessa Matsubara, William R Tomison