Thematic Shorts Program #4: THE BODY IS BORN (WITH A MISSION TO DIE) – 71 mins
Fri, July 24 | 6:30 PM CDT | On GFF Live Stream w/ Filmmaker Q&A
July 22-26 | Streaming on GFF On Demand

“How we place our bodies in relation to each other is the start of politics.” (Gernot Wieland, “Ink in Milk”)

Bodily concerns have been top of the newsfeed for months now. The pandemic has required a new awareness of how our bodies exist in public spaces, but for marginalized, disabled, and racialized folks, this hyper-vigilance is nothing new. Bodies have been politically and socially fraught for long before COVID-19 hit. The films in this program reflect on the complexities of our bodily existence. 


dir. Lasha Mowchun
2019 | Canada | 11 mins

On the set for Closer Look’s new beauty product line, Vanity White – the lead actress – tries to ignore the Hand Model and do her job. But when images of the two women are edited into one sequence it creates a new disjointed being, a woman made from pieces. Strange things begin to happen and the body becomes confused with its own image.



dir. Danski Tang
2019 | United States | 7 mins

An animated documentary exploring how my mother’s abusive relationship with my father shaped my own experiences in boarding school in China. Our shared desires for intimacy, safety, and normalcy have been constantly at odds with the realities that surround us. Through a conversation as adults, my mother and I learn to understand and support one another.


This Ink Runs Deep
dir. Asia Youngman
2019 | Canada | 16 mins

This Ink Runs Deep features Indigenous tattoo artists from across Canada who are reviving their ancestral traditions that were taken away during colonization. We learn about the practices that were thought to be lost forever, and how this revival reflects a reawakening of pride, culture and identity. As we travel across Canada, we learn about the significance of tattoos for different Indigenous cultures, why they disappeared, and why they are now being brought back to life.


Disembodied Beings
dir. Freya Björg Olafson
2019 | Canada | 7 mins

Disembodied Beings’ considers how virtual reality technology destabilizes meaning(s) of the corporeal body. The work engages with content from the Internet: open source motion capture libraries, ready-made 3D models of humans, and at home tests of motion capture software and models. These visuals conflate with found youtube monologues that recount out of body and astral projection experiences. This piece is part of a larger body of work concerned with the impact of emerging consumer technologies associated with AR, VR , MR, XR and 360° video.


Hot Plastic Suits
dir. Dallas Cant
2019 | Canada | 6 mins

By working directly with the uncared for ‘leftovers’ of capitalist consumption, Hot Plastic Suits questions how human-centered and colonial systems of imagined limitlessness and replicability have encouraged fleeting affections with human and beyond human things.


Life is a Burger
dir. Patrick Sean O’Brien
2020 | United States | 5 mins

Life is a Burger is a short film about the thoughts and fantasies of a man living with ALS. As he lays in his bed, fed via a tube, we dive into his imagination through a crazy dreamlike sequence starring burlesque dancer Femme Brulée, who performs dressed as a hamburger, and the sequence becomes an abstract exploration of the things he has lost because of his disease. The film was directed by Patrick O’Brien, who is featured in the film himself, and has lived with ALS for 14 years.


Girl and Body
dir. Charlotte Mars
2019 | Australia | 19 mins

After collapsing during rehearsals, a young dancer struggles to make sense of her mysterious medical condition and her even more enigmatic hospital roommate. A meditation on the relationship between mind, body and identity.