Thematic Shorts Program #3: A PALE BLUE DOT – 72 mins
Friday, July 24
| 4:00 PM CDT | On GFF Live Stream w/ Filmmaker Q&A
July 22-26 | Streaming on GFF On Demand

Reflections on the ethics of extraction, and how capitalism and colonization establish an ethos of exploitation. But also, there are flowers! 

This selection of often meditative films considers our complicated relationship with the land that we live on, take from, and dominate. Closing with the voices of Indigenous women in After Birth and L’eau est la Vie (Water is Life), this program attempts to imagine another relationship with the Earth, one that is playful and gentle and reverent – but to achieve this lovely vision requires a seismic ideological shift and the dismantling of our capitalist, colonial cultural foundations. 


Las Breas
dir. Blue Kraning / Laura Kraning
2019 | United States | 12 mins

A portrait of three tar pits in California – located within the city, the valley, and the sea, LAS BREAS investigates the spaces between archiving the pre-historic and the contemporary industrial landscape. Of the earth, yet primordial and impenetrable, the bubbling remains of ancient organisms seep to the surface, speaking of past extinction and human exploitation of the earth’s limited resources.


special dark glass somewhere
dir. Charlotte Clermont
2020 | Canada | 5 mins

Darkness never emerges but it is present. Some kind of teenage wasteland feel, unexpected storms and inviting landscapes are intermeshed together. In a bewitching atmosphere, proximity and distance are revealed through a thoughtful structure where images and sounds confuses both the imagination and the real. Sensuality and desire are seen as forbidden, somehow, like facing a glass wall. And only by looking back, there is an understanding of finding yourself on a moon-like space/place.


Earth FM
dir. Philip Rabalais
2020 | United States | 11 mins

Earth FM is a minimalist sci-fi about imaginary science and sonic symbiosis. Three researchers reach into the planet using esoteric audio equipment. Their search for signal culminates when their transmissions cross, resulting in a mysterious and cathartic discovery.

Lilac Game, The
dir. Emma Piper-Burket
2019 | United States | 4 mins

The Lilac Game is a celebration of springtime and a game that audiences can play. It is the first volume in FILMS FOR A FUTURE, an ongoing series of handmade and hand processed 16mm nature films, intended for future viewers living in a time when the natural world no longer exists as it does today.



dir. Resat Fuat Cam
2019 | Turkey | 11 mins

To receive a coal subsidy from the government, Nimet and her son Erkan reach the final stage, where poverty is measured through household investigation. They pass the stage and get the subsidy. But when the coal arrives, they have other plans for it.


After Birth
dir. The Ephemerals
2018 | Canada | 5 mins

After Birth, an inter-generational journey to return to a ceremonial custom of burying the ‘after birth.’ Dr Elder Mary Courchene narrates in Anishnaabegmowin the meaning of this gesture, to create a way of the good life for the next generation and to give back to the earth what was created in order to give life. Together three women and their kids walk the land and affirm their intergenerational knowledge and active presence in ancestral memories and matrilineal leadership.


L’eau est la vie (Water is life): from Standing Rock to the swamp
dir. Sam Vinal
2019 | United States | 24 mins

On the banks of Louisiana, fierce Indigenous women are ready to fight—to stop the corporate blacksnake and preserve their way of life. They are risking everything to protect Mother Earth from the predatory fossil fuel companies that seek to poison it.