Still image from the film, The Seer and The Unseen

Review: The Seer And the Unseen

This review is provided by GFF Board Member, Lynn Chalmers,  from our  Open Call for Film Critics & Writers

REVIEW: The Seer and The Unseen
dir. Sara Dosa
2019| USA/Iceland | 88 mins | G


A fascinating look into the power of Fairies in Icelandic contemporary society.

Iceland has withstood extraordinary development and pressure to accommodate tourism since the bankruptcy of the country in 2008.

The protection of land occupied by ancient elf communities housed in volcanic lava rock in the path of development is the environmental mission of Ragnhilda Jonsdottir, an unusual woman who navigates the path between the spirit and the human world to provide the elves perspective.

It seems that the elves are the environmental conscience of Iceland.

The culmination of the documentary are her attempts to save The Elf Chapel of Galgahraun and visually gripping attempts to lift the huge lava boulder out of the path of development.

She belongs to a community of activists, Friends of the Lava, a conservation group that lies down in front of the bulldozers in an attempt to stop road development in this area.

By following Ragnhilda, we come to believe this mission is vitally important to the conservation of the Icelandic culture in a world that is increasingly preoccupied with materialism.

The cinematography is beautiful– it is Iceland after all!

If you want to watch something uplifting this should be amongst your picks for the festival.


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