Remains Of The Day: A Panel on Found Footage & Archival Filmmaking


Friday July 24 | 2:30pm CDT | On GFF Live Stream

Who said you need a camera to make a great film? Sometimes all you need is for someone else to have had a camera. It can be a family member, in the case of Wintopia. It can be a famous musician, tragically gone too soon, as in the case of All I Can Say. It can archival National Film Board footage, in the case of Now Is The Time.  Or it can be an entire country’s cinematic archives, in the case of The Forbidden Reel. Moderated by veteran visual researcher Elizabeth Klinck, this remote panel focuses on the ups, the exhilaration of finding the perfect clip, and the tedious downs that accompany visual research and found footage filmmaking. Tune in at 2:30 PM on July 24 for this compelling and informative discussion!

ELIZABETH KLINCK – Moderator, visual researcher

Elizabeth Klinck is an archive producer and music clearance specialist on international documentaries and interactive projects that have garnered Emmy, BAFTA, CSA, Peabody, and Oscar awards. She leads workshops and produces industry sessions at international markets and film festivals.

Ariel NasrARIEL NASR – Panelist, director of The Forbidden Reel

Ariel Nasr is an award-winning Afghan-Canadian filmmaker. His new feature documentary, “The Forbidden Reel”, draws on thousands of  hours of historic Afghan films to trace the second half of the twentieth Century through the lens of Afghanistan’s filmmakers. Director of 2013 Canadian Screen Award winner, “The Boxing Girls of Kabul”, as well as the NFB’s “Good Morning Kandahar”, and the award-winning interactive, “Kabul Portraits”, Ariel also earned an Oscar nomination in 2013, as producer of the short live action film, “Buzkashi Boys”. Other recent work includes, “La Mosquée” (for CBC and Canal-D), which investigates the aftermath of the 2017 Quebec City Mosque Shooting. Ariel lives and works in Montréal. 


MIRA BURT-WINTONICK – Panelist, director of Wintopia

Mira Burt-Wintonick is an award-winning radio producer and documentary filmmaker. She is best known for her work on CBC’s WireTap and as co-creator/senior editor of CBC’s Love Me, a show about the messiness of human connection. She recently directed Wintopia, a feature documentary about her late father, filmmaker Peter Wintonick, and his search for Utopia. After premiering at IDFA in 2019, Wintopia won the Colin Low Award for Canadian Feature at DOXA festival in 2020. 


TARYN GOULD – Panelist, co-director of All I Can Say

Taryn is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and editor based in Brooklyn, NY. After Graduating from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School, she began her career on the road documenting artists like Lil Mama and The Roots, and filming for Atlantic records. Her work has been shortlisted for an Academy Award, nominated for a Best Music Film Grammy, screened at Sundance, Tribeca, SXSW, Hot Docs, SIFF, IDFA and Locarno and had a theatrical run at Film Forum. It has been featured by the New York Times and Variety, who called her work “movingly intense”, and is currently streaming on Netflix and Amazon. Her documentaries include Ram Dass, Going Home (2017, editor, co-producer), Narcissister Organ Player (2018, producer, editor), Susanne Bartsch: On Top (2016, editor, co-producer) and Let’s Play Two: Pearl Jam Live at Wrigley Field (2017, editor, co-writer).


DANNY CLINCH – Panelist, co-director of All I Can Say

Danny Clinch loves music. He listens to it, plays it, photographs it, and films it. Through this passion, Danny has established himself as one of the premier photographers across the entire music scene. He has shot and filmed a wide range of artists, from Johnny Cash to Tupac Shakur, from Bjork to Bruce Springsteen. His work has appeared on hundreds of album covers and in publications like Vanity Fair, Spin, Rolling Stone, GQ, Esquire, and more. Clinch has presented his work in numerous galleries and published four books: Discovery Inn, When the Iron Bird Flies, Motor Drive, and Still Moving.  As a director, Clinch has received three Grammy Award nominations. He has also directed music videos for artists like Willie Nelson, Tom Waits, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters and Dave Mathews, among others. Danny plays harmonica in the Tangiers Blues Band and will occasionally put down his harp in the middle of the set, pick up his Leica, and begin photographing his band members. During times like these, Danny Clinch is a very happy man.


COLLEEN HENNESSY – Panelist, co-director of All I Can Say

Colleen Hennessy is a director and editor of documentary film, and an archivist of American musical performance.


CHRIS AUCHTER – Panelist, director of Now Is The TimeCA headshot 2020

Christopher Auchter, grew up exploring the beaches and forests of Haida Gwaii, off Canada’s West Coast, and his art is rooted in the land and stories of the Haida people. Auchter’s art practice is fueled by his close connection to the natural environment, his adventures in forestry and commercial fishing, and by the colourful people with whom he has lived and worked. From early on, he recorded his feelings and impressions as images, and today his filmmaking serves the same function. Auchter studied media arts at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, graduating class valedictorian (Vancouver, British Columbia) and graduated with honours in computer animation from Sheridan College in Ontario. His goal is to create films that are as engaging and entertaining as the many people and environments that have inspired him, to help facilitate genuine contact between the Haida people and the global community.