July 21 – 25 | $15 per vehicle | in Gimli, MB

Sponsored by RBC!



What is the radio station?


Can I buy a ticket at the event?

No tickets are sold at the gate. To buy a ticket on the day of or at the event, simply use your phone and credit card to purchase a ticket prior to entering the Drive-In! You will immediately receive a confirmation email with your ticket QR code, that can then be presented to the Admissions at the RBC Sunset Drive-In!

Can I leave my car?

Yes, you are permitted to leave your car to go to the washroom, get snacks and visit our merch tent! Please adhere to social distancing rules (2 meters / 6 ft distance) and wear a mask when not in your vehicle.

Where are the washrooms?

Portapotties are located both to the right and the left of the parking area. Public bathroom with running water is located in the pavilion. If you are unsure of where to go, please ask a volunteer.

 Can I leave during the film?

Yes. Please be very careful as you leave, as it will be dark. If you are to the right of the screen, head to the right, and if you are to the left of the screen, head to your left. You can exit using the entrance you came in on, or there is an additional exit behind and to the right of the screen.

How do I turn my headlights off?

Try switching them off using the button/switch in your car. Many people have their lights turned to “auto” and instead need to switch them “off”. Look for a button in your car that allows you to do so. If you don’t find one, you can try pulling your parking brake and then turning your car on. This trick works in many vehicles! If you find you cannot turn your lights off, you can leave them on and a GFF volunteer will come by to help and may opt to cover your headlights with automotive-safe blackout tape.

Is there concessions? Can we bring our own snacks?

Yes, there are concessions & GFF merch for sale! Popcorn is available at the Merch Tent near the entrance; a mini donut truck with drinks will also be on site. You are also allowed to bring your own snack. Alcohol or drug use is NOT permitted on site.

What happens if the screening is cancelled, how will patrons be notified and when?

If the screening is cancelled all ticket holders will be notified via email by 8:00pm at the latest on the day of the event. The screening will only be cancelled due to extreme weather and other unforeseen circumstances and the decision will be made by staff and site management.

FILM LINEUP! | RBC Sunset Drive-In

Indian Road Trip

Wednesday, July 21 at 10 PM

dir. Allan Hopkins
2019 | Canada | 89 min


A pair of cousins (Hank and Cody) are forced to drive a cranky elder (Hetta) across the reserve so she can make peace with her dying sister. It quickly becomes clear that a supernatural force is trying to halt the journey.

Golden Arm

Thursday, July 22 at 10 PM

dir. Maureen Bharoocha
2020 | United States| 93 min


When her best friend, Danny, ropes her into taking her spot at the Women’s Arm Wrestling Championship, Melanie, who is a baker, must trade whisks for barbells to compete against the reigning champ for a chance at the grand prize.


Friday, July 23 at 10 PM

dir. Carlos López Estrada
2020 | United States | 99 min


Over the course of a hot summer day in Los Angeles, the lives of 25 young Angelinos intersect.  A skating guitarist, a tagger, two wannabe rappers, an exasperated fast-food worker, a limo driver—they all weave in and out of each other’s stories.

Some Kind of Heaven

Saturday, July 24 at 10 PM

dir. Lance Oppenheim
2020 | United States | 83 min


A Floridian garden of earthly delights and its discontents, Some Kind of Heaven explores life inside the manicured lawns of meticulously crafted suburban bliss offered by The Villages, the self-described “Disneyworld for Retirees.” 

Psycho Goreman

Saturday, July 24 at Midnight

dir. Steven Kostanski
2020 | Canada | 92 min


Siblings Mimi and Luke unwittingly resurrect an ancient alien overlord. Using a magical amulet, they force the monster to obey their childish whims, and accidentally attract a rogues’ gallery of intergalactic assassins to small-town suburbia.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Sunday, July 25 at 10 PM

dir. Irvin Kershner
1980 | United States | 124 min


The epic saga continues as Luke Skywalker, in hopes of defeating the evil Galactic Empire, learns the ways of the Jedi from aging master Yoda. But Darth Vader is more determined than ever to capture Luke. Meanwhile, rebel leader Princess Leia, cocky Han Solo, Chewbacca, and droids C-3PO and R2-D2 are thrown into various stages of capture, betrayal and despair.

What is the RBC Sunset Drive-In?

Hop in the car and drive to Gimli, Manitoba for a special RBC Sunset Drive-In Theatre experience!

The RBC Sunset Drive-In Theatre runs for 5 nights – July 21-25 – with nightly 10 PM screenings! Pull up your car, turn up the radio, and tune in to a movie under the stars at the Gimli Film Festival this summer!

Audio will be broadcast via FM radio signal. Please ensure that you have access to a FM radio tuner either via your vehicle or via an external radio/boombox.

Your safety is our main concern! Although the RBC Sunset Drive-In Theatre is a contact-less event, GFF recognizes that extenuating circumstances could still force us to cancel this event. In this case, all ticket buyers would be refunded. We will continue to monitor the situation. The well-being of our community comes first and foremost in all our decisions.

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TICKET REGISTRATION BEGINS : 12 Noon CDT on Saturday, July 3

To ensure that everyone has a chance to enjoy GFF’s first ever Drive-In Theatre, tickets will be sold to patrons through a lottery registration process! Sign-up begins at 12 Noon on Saturday, July 3. The lucky individuals selected through this random lottery will be emailed information on how to book their Drive-In Ticket.

Tickets cost $15 per vehicle. In the event of cancellation due to COVID or weather, tickets WILL be refunded.

To get reminders about Tickets for the RBC Sunset Drive-In, please subscribe to our eNewsletter and follow us on Facebook!

Date & Location

10pm nightly – Wed, July 21 to Sun, July 25
in Pavilion Park, Gimli, MB
[link to map]

**Film Line-Up to be released June 24**

GFF will be hosting five nights of 10pm screenings from July 21 – 25. Screenings will take place at Pavilion Park in Gimli, Manitoba.

When attending the RBC Sunset Drive-In Theatre, please be sure:


  • Attendees are requested to stay in or on their vehicles while watching the movie. If you need to use the washroom or leave your vehicle for any other reason, please wear a mask around others and maintain physical distancing.
  • ALL members in your vehicle must be from the same household.
  • Your vehicle must have enough seatbelts to accommodate all passengers. Vehicles are limited to 6 people total (including drivers), however GFF recommends two passengers for an optimal viewing experience.
  • If you, or anyone from your vehicle is experiencing Covid-19 symptoms (fever, dry cough, tiredness, aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, headache, loss of tase or smell, shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure) please stay home. 
  • Please drive slowly, follow volunteer instructions and park where directed.
  • Washroom facilities are available on site.  If you are unsure of the location, please ask a volunteer.
  • Alcohol and drug use IS NOT permitted on the premises.
  • Gimli Pavilion Park playground is closed for the duration of the event.
  • In the event of cancellation due to COVID restrictions or weather, all tickets WILL be refunded electronically.
  • If you have questions about the event or ticketing, please email boxoffice@gimlifilm.com

COVID-19 Safety

GFF’sDrive-In Theatre is **tentative** and the public should stay informed about developments relating to it by subscribing to our eNewsletter for updates. The health and safety of our community is GFF’s number one priority above everything else this year. GFF is dedicated to providing a safe Drive-In Theatre that is contactless and follows all public health and COVID-19 safety measures. Be sure to follow our website, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for updates on our programming due to COVID-19.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the COVID situation in Manitoba, please see the Government of Manitoba’s COVID Information Page.

And please consider getting vaccinated so we can all enjoy the beach next summer!

Further Questions? Contact our Box Office Coordinator, Ryley Livingston, at boxoffice@gimlifilm.com or (204) 671-0271.