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RBC $10,000 Pitch Application Page


Submit your application today for the 10th annual RBC® $10,000 Emerging Filmmaker Pitch Competition.

DEADLINE: Midnight, Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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The RBC $10,000 Emerging Filmmaker Pitch Competition is generously supported by:

The RBC® Emerging Filmmaker Pitch Competition is open to anyone who has:

  • Less than three years experience in filmmaking.
  • Some completed basic training – can be formal (university or college studies) or informal (production courses, workshops, hands-on experience in media arts production) etc.
  • At least one completed independent film or video work that has been presented in a professional or film industry related context.

If you qualify, GFF will give you an opportunity to pitch your project to a panel of professionals in front of a live audience during this year’s Festival. We would like you to be able to describe your story idea, justify your budget, describe your ideal cast and crew and talk about your overall vision for the project.

In 2021, the winner(s) will receive:

*Over the next year, the $10,000 will be released in four installments:

  • $2,500 on approval of a final script
  • $2,500 on first day of principal photography
  • $2,500 on completion of photography
  • $2,500 on delivery of finished project

Congratulations to the 9th Annual RBC ® $10,000 Emerging Filmmaker Pitch Competition winner!

Joanne Roberts will premiere her film Anak at the 2021 Gimli International Film Festival!


The RBC Emerging Artists Project helps artists bridge the gap from emerging to established, and supports organisations that provide the best opportunity to advance their career trajectory. RBC supports arts organisations and artists in a range of genres including visual art, music, theatre, performance, literature and film.

Gimli International Film Festival is the largest film festival in Manitoba. Over the past 21 years, our audience, sponsors and partners have supported and shaped the festival into what it is today. We showcase fiction feature films, documentaries and short films from Manitoba, Canada and the world.

On Screen Manitoba  leads, builds and represents the media production industry in Manitoba, Canada. On Screen Manitoba is a non-profit, non-partisan, member-driven provincial industry association. Our members produce all types of content in English, French and Indigenous languages and they have access to some of the best production incentives in Canada. 

William F. White International Inc. is Canada’s most iconic provider of production equipment to the entertainment industry. Founded in 1963, With offices across the country, the company services productions of all sizes from coast to coast and houses an extensive state-of-the-art inventory.  The Whites group includes Whites Studios, Whites Camera, Whites Lighting & Grip, Whites Location Equipment Supply, and Whites Specialty Equipment.

National Screen Institute- Canada is a not-for-profit training organization that supports creators from across Canada to tell unforgettable stories through industry-informed training and mentoring in film, television and digital media.

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