James & Krista Modern


Tuesday, July 21 | 7 PM CDT,  9 PM CDT

Please join us as we kick off GFF 2020 with two of our most exciting, innovative and impactful films. The Festival begins with the highly acclaimed ECHO  (7 PM CDT) followed by THE BODY REMEMBERS WHEN THE WORLD BROKE OPEN (9 PM CDT). Opening night films sponsored generously by James & Krista Morden.

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dir. Rúnar Rúnarsson
2019 | Iceland / France / Switzerland | 79

6 PM CDT | Tuesday, July 21 

Iceland, Christmas time. As everyone prepares for the holidays, a peculiar atmosphere falls upon the country revealing emotions of both excitement and concern. In the middle of the countryside, an abandoned farm is burning. In a school, a children’s choir is singing Christmas carols. In a slaughterhouse, chickens are parading along a rail. In a museum, a mother is arguing with her ex-husband on the phone. In a living room, a young girl is making her grandmother try on her new virtual reality headset – Through 56 scenes, Echo draws a portrait, both biting and tender, of modern society.


Body Remembers When the World Broke Open, The
The body Remembers when the world broke open
dir. Kathleen Hepburn / Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers
2019 | Canada / Norway | 105 min

8 PM CDT | Tuesday, July 21 

When Áila encounters a young Indigenous woman, barefoot and crying in the rain on the side of a busy street, she soon discovers that this young woman, Rosie, has just escaped a violent assault at the hands of her boyfriend. Áila decides to bring Rosie home with her and over the course of the evening, the two navigate the aftermath of this traumatic event. Inspired by a very real and transformative moment in the co-director Elle-Máijá Tailfeather’s life, THE BODY REMEMBERS WHEN THE WORLD BROKE OPEN weaves an intricately complex, while at the same time very simple, story of a chance encounter between two Indigenous women with drastically different lived experience, navigating the aftermath of domestic abuse.