Screens on GFF Live Stream w/ Filmmaker Q&A | Sat, July 25 | 6:30 PM CDT

Screens on GFF On Demand | July 22-26, 2020

64 mins


Bible Camp Memories
dir. Damien Ferland
2020 | Manitoba | 14 mins

Damien revisits his experiences at Bible Camp from the ages of 11 to 13. He couldn’t fit in at school, but maybe he might fit in at camp? Watch Damien dive back into past traumas with oblivious camp counselors, fresh air, nature, evangelical Christianity, and worst of all, a cabin full of five other thirteen-year-old boys.


Hot Dog Guy
dir. Sara Bulloch
2019 | Manitoba | 4 mins

A woman has an anxiety attack in a club and is comforted by a man with a hot dog cart outside.



Be Free From Myself to Be Myself
dir. Grace Han
2018 | Manitoba | 4 mins

This performance video captures how the artist feels about their initial identity that was lost and their current identity, which is confusing. The video shows pain, burden, and a strong desire to be free from all the expectations carried.



dir. Daniel Gerson / Trevor Mowchun
2019 | Manitoba | 13 mins

Filmed during the cruel winter months in Winnipeg, Northstarling follows a day in the life of a woman living on the brink of poverty – the border of a great abyss where her only companions are snow-crunched memories and cavity-ridden buildings.



Portage Place
dir. Tiff Bartel
2019 | Manitoba | 3 mins

An ironic look at Winnipeg’s Portage Place shopping mall, from its opening day (September 17, 1987), to what may be its final days (fall of 2019).





Green Run
dir. Jeremiah Milmine
2019 | Manitoba | 9 mins

Two men driving home from work miraculously hit every green light.




Skate Break
dir. Peatr Thomas
2018 | Manitoba | 4 mins

A young man takes a break from work, skateboarding along to see his favourite Winnipeg murals.




Precious Load: Tales of the Turtle Mountain Trapper
dir. Julie Watt
2020 | Manitoba | 14 mins

Courage and destiny are entwined in this true story of a humble trapper who happened to be in the right place at the right time. Take a trek in the unconventional footsteps of Philip Racine, as he connects his ancestral roots to his passion for trapping and why he fights for what he loves. In his heart he believes he’s a hero, will you?


After Birth
dir. The Ephemerals
2018 | Manitoba | 5 mins

After Birth, an inter-generational journey to return to a ceremonial custom of burying the ‘after birth.’ Dr Elder Mary Courchene narrates in Anishnaabegmowin the meaning of this gesture, to create a way of the good life for the next generation and to give back to the earth what was created in order to give life. Together three women and their kids walk the land and affirm their intergenerational knowledge and active presence in ancestral memories and matrilineal leadership.


dir. Gino Anania / Vincent Tang
2020 | Manitoba | 16 mins

A father and son live in a secluded forest, bearing a dark secret.




Also don’t forget to catch our 2019 RBC $10,000 Emerging Filmmaker Pitch Competition Award Winner!

Matthew van Ginkel’s Manitoba-made short film First Session screens as part of the 2020 RBC Pitch Competition around 1:30pm CDT on Saturday, July

First Session
dir. Matthew van Ginkel
2020 | Manitoba | 5 mins

James, while exploring an abandoned school encounters twisted-faced monsters-physical manifestation of his mental illness- something he chooses to confront as a part of a therapy session.