Mattering and Uttering – Films by Bea Haut

Films by Bea Haut

Mattering and Uttering
Films by Bea Haut

GFF is proud to be presenting the first ever Canadian screening of the works of UK artist and filmmaker Bea Haut, and our first ever all-16mm shorts program!

 Working with 16mm film in a materialist and DIY way allows a responsivity to develop between the artist and her materials. This becomes an entanglement of thinking, being and doing; activating an agency in both herself and the material.  

-Bea Haut



Arm, Flexion Extension
2011| 16mm | B&W | silent | 2.5m

Task as performance: A mundane action turned into an imperative gesture, the author struggles to control her environment in this study of domestic time and space.






Abject Noise
2014| 16mm | B&W | Optical sound | 3.5m

An investigation of the optical film strip, where light triggers sound; passing objects as noise across and out of the visible frame, and through the unseen strip.









2013| 16mm | B&W | silent | 2.5m

A tactile plane of film emulsion, process and action performed.








Still image from busy double cutBushy Double Cut
2017| 16mm | Colour | silent | 2.5m

A yearly cycle: my lavender bush cut twice, film double exposed, a year encapsulated. The never ending activity of tidying up impressed into colour film emulsions/film emotions. Hand processed: Bucket, hot and crossed.







Still image from degrees of separationDegrees of Separation
2017 |16mm | B&W | Optical sound | 2.5m

I knew my father briefly before he died in 2009. Symbolic and fragmented, my relationship with him was an assemblage and a mismatch: of lost memories, hauntings and a stark reality that was impossible to synchronize. This last portrait becomes another layer of unreliable memory and leaves me again with irresolvable slippage and dissonance.






Still image from pendingPending
2016 |16mm | Film/performance | 10m

A sympathetic film which conjoins the audience, the artist and the subject in an act of duration and suspension.









Still image from Kitchen BeetsKitchen Beets
2019 |16mm | B&W | Optical sound | 1m

Never-ending tidying up turned into rhythmic beat and magic trick. A brief structural film cut to the rhythm of the gap between the optical sound head and the image.






Still image from BushBush
2011 | 16mm | B&W | silent | 2.5m

A gardening Feat. Taming nature, containing chaos, mastering the wilderness. Domestic heroism.








Still image from I saw, I see, I lookI Saw, I see, I look
2013 | 16mm | B&W | silent | 3-part | 8m

A series of actions: deconstructing, surveying and measuring, but within the layers of repetition and poetics a construction of a self emerges.








Still image from DefenestrationDefenestration
2015 | 16mm | B&W | Optical sound | 4.5m

Mixing up film and domestic structures, this film reaches beyond the frame, testing out access and escape, aperture and portal, visible and invisible.






Still image from dragDrag
2017 | 16mm | B&W | Optical Sound | 5m

Transforming the discarded into action, comedy and pleasure. Aspects of the everyday present themselves as potent catalysts, in the end becoming a road test of materials, bylaws and nerve.