Manitoba Short Films in Competition

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The top short films from Manitoba filmmakers battle it out to win top prize — Audience Choice presented by Manitoba Film & Music! Your vote counts so please remember to cast your ballot!

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Still image from short film ChowboysChowboys: An American Folktale
dir. Adam Brooks
2018| Manitoba | 8.33 mins

Three idiots are lost in the woods on the coldest night of the year.



Daniel Prociev, His 142nd still image

Daniel Prociev, His 142nd
dir. Jeff Eyamie
2019 | Manitoba | 5.24 mins

Canada’s hangman, Arthur Ellis, introduces himself to Daniel Prociev prior to Daniel’s execution.




dir. Trevor Kristjanson
2017 | Manitoba | 14.53 mins

Jensen Murphy, the world’s premier Human Taxidermist, struggles to find human connection as she straddles the world of the living and the dead.



Alternating Current still imageAlternating Current
dir. Rowan Gray
2018 | Manitoba | 7.06 mins

A woman aging out of a thankless job faces a life of poverty after being suddenly stripped of her hard-earned pension.




Face/TimeFace | Time
dir. Anita Lebeau
2019 | Manitoba | 2.30 mins

A study of the cyclical nature of time, as seen through portraits and the hands that create them.



Still image from High AltitudeHigh Altitude
dir. Victoria Inglis
2018 | Manitoba | 3.59 mins

High Altitude explores what it means the be an Indigenous artist in the modern world. Being a youth in a fast-paced digital arts scene, Inglis poetically explores the ideas of decolonization, racism, creativity, and life on lands of broken agreements. Though poetry they explore ways to go back to the land and heal.


Still image from Exam TimeExam Day
dir. Soilahoudine Mohamed
2019| Manitoba | 5.49 mins

A student keeps getting interrupted while he tries to study.



Still image from When the Children LeftWhen the Children Left
dir. Charlene Moore
2019 | Manitoba | 11.04 mins

For generations, children have been forced to leave their communities. After losing her sister, Angelina embarks on a healing journey to honour her.



The Ocean in my Eye still imageThe Ocean From My Eye
dir. Natalie Baird
2018 | Manitoba | 4.18 mins

Inuit in coastal communities are interwoven with and dependent upon oceans. As temperatures rise and weather patterns change, knowledge and experience that has developed over thousands of years is becoming less reliable for those navigating the land.


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