Donald K. Johnson O.C. LL.D LogoManitoba Movie Night #7  –  Careful by Guy Maddin

 Sunday, December 20th @ 7PM  |  FREE
1h 40min | drama | colour | 1992

That’s a wrap on a successful series! Thanks for tuning in! 

by Guy Maddin

7 PM CDT | Sun, Dec 20th | FREE!
1 hr 40 mins | drama | HD | colour | 1992

Guy Maddin’s early masterpiece takes place in a 19th-century Alpine village where the wary residents —adult, child and animal!—must speak softly and tread lightly lest they cause an avalanche. But sexual frenzies teem in this world of repression, setting off incestuous love triangles and quadrangles with deadly consequences. Bathed in lurid, luminescent tints, Careful resembles a vintage melodrama from another planet—something that could only emerge from the singular mind of Maddin.

“…a Freudian fantasia, complete with Oedipus and Electra urges and self-mutilation, in an alpine setting where, we’re told, the slightest sound, of pleasure or pain, could unleash pent-up snows in an avalanche of destruction.” – Mark Asch, Keyframe


Guy Maddin is a Canadian filmmaker with numerous shorts and 11 feature films to his credit, including the Emmy Award-winning ballet film Dracula — Pages From A Virgin’s Diary (2002); The Saddest Music in the World (2003); My Winnipeg (2007); and US National Society of Film Critics Best Experimental Film Prize-winners Archangel (1990) and The Heart of the World (2000). He is also a member of The Order of Canada & The Order of Manitoba.