Short Films by the Indigenous Filmmakers Association
12:30pm | Fri, July 26 | Aspire Theatre (76 Second Ave)


GFF is proud to present our 3rd annual showcase of films made and curated by the local Indigenous Filmmakers Association (IFA). This made-in-Manitoba short film program is part of GFF’s Indigenous Film Series, sponsored generously by Eagle Vision, Manitoba’s Indigenous-owned film and television production company!

The Indigenous Filmmaker’s Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the inclusion of the Indigenous experience in film, promoting societal dialogue, the empowerment of Indigenous filmmakers and public accessibility to our stories.




Nap Time
dir. Justina Neepin | 1 m

What do babies dream of when they nap?



Nappy Hair & Eagle Feather
dir. Adeline Bird | 5 m

A young mixed-race teen trying to find her identity in the 21st century.



Missing You
dir. Sarah Simpson-Yellowquill | 5 m

Tamara invites her younger sister, Robin, to stay with her in the city. Robin, hesitant to leave the Rez, decides she misses her sister and wants to spend time with her. They spend a great week together, but soon Robin finds herself alone in the city.


The Mannequin
Ka Ni Kanichihk Youth Film | 4 m

Two co-workers find a mannequin in their basement.



Blood Bus
dir. Marilyn Thomas | 6 m

Paula is ready to donate blood for the first time, but when she encounters a group of vampires who want more blood than she’s willing to donate, she’s in for a fight. Made as part of the WIHM Annual Blood drive.


Never Trust A Stiff
dir. Roger Boyer | 8 m

Vera, expecting to leave the country with her lover Mike, arrives at their meeting spot only to find Mike dead and his ex-wife, Katherine, waiting for her.


No Luck Required
dir. Amanda Kindzierski | 4 m

A woman investigates an underground gambling ring and becomes enthralled by a world of competitive luck.


dir. Charlene Moore | 4 m

A young boy discovers that he is a lot stronger than he thought.



Skate Break
dir. Peatr Thomas | 5 m

A young man takes a break from work, skateboarding along to see his favourite Winnipeg murals.



Fright, Scare, Subscribe Ep 2
dir. Cody Blacksmith | 6 m

Danny Dangerz returns to search for the legendary Bigfoot.