Icelandic Film Series


Gimli’s Icelandic roots have shaped this beautiful lakefront community, and so once again Gimli Film Festival is proud to present the best contemporary cinema out of Iceland. Generously sponsored by Gimli Pharmasave, Icelandair and supported by the Canada Iceland Foundation, Iceland Naturally, the Icelandic Film Centre and Consulate General of Iceland Winnipeg.





690 Vopnafjörður

dir. Karna Sigurðardóttir in attendance!
Iceland | 2017 | 57 m | PG
In the middle of nowhere, the 645 people of Vopnafjörður village in Iceland go about their daily lives. The fear of depopulation leaves no inhabitant free from the pressure of protecting the existence of this little village. The film explores the communal tensions that push people to leave, and how personal identity can be so profoundly linked to place.
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The Swan (Svanurinn)

dir. Ása Helga Hjörleifsdóttir in attendance!
Iceland | 2017 | 1 h 31 m | 14A
*selection of TIFF 2017
A wayward nine-year-old girl is sent to the countryside to work and mature, but finds herself instead deeply entangled in a drama she can hardly grasp.
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Under the Tree (Undir trénu)

dir. Haffsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson
Iceland | 2017 | 1 h 29 m | 14A
An affable but aimless young man becomes an unwitting detective who quickly finds himself in over his head as he investigates the mysterious disappearance of his beautiful neighbor, with whom he has fallen in love. As he combs through East Los Angeles searching for any kind of clues he can find, he stumbles upon a larger, more sinister conspiracy than he ever imagined, involving billionaires, celebrities, urban myths, and even pop culture as we know it.
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