Claire Gillis & Ernest StefansonGimli’s Icelandic roots have shaped this beautiful lakefront community, and so once again the Gimli Film Festival is proud to present the best contemporary cinema out of Iceland. Generously sponsored by Pharmasave Gimli & Claire Gillis & Ernest Stefanson.




A White, White DayA White, White Day
dir. Hylnur Palmason
2019 | Iceland / Denmark / Sweden | 109 min.

In a remote Icelandic town, an off-duty police chief (a chilling Ingvar Sigurdsson, who received Cannes’ Critics’ Week award for Best Actor for his performance) begins to suspect a local man of having had an affair with his late wife, who died in a tragic accident two years earlier. Gradually his obsession for finding out the truth takes over his life and inevitably begins to endanger himself and his loved ones. Combining classic thriller tropes with a distinctly Nordic arthouse sensibility, the second feature from Hlynur Palmason “engages in storytelling that’s both powerful and fresh throughout, marking him as a talent to watch” (The Hollywood Reporter)


County, The (Héraðið)The County
dir. Grímur Hákonarson
2019 | Iceland  / Denmark / Germany / France | 92

The new film from Grímur Hákonarson, director of Rams. Set in a small Icelandic farming community, THE COUNTY tells the story of Inga, a middle-aged dairy farmer who rebels against the all powerful local Cooperative. Inga tries to get other farmers to join her in rising up against the Co-op’s corruption, but encounters great resistance, forcing her to confront the community’s dependence and loyalty to this single, dominant enterprise. Inga must use her resourcefulness and cunning to break free of the Co-op’s grasp and finally live life on her own terms.


dir. Runar Runarsson
2019 | Iceland / France / Switzerland | 79

Iceland, Christmas time. As everyone prepares for the holidays, a peculiar atmosphere falls upon the country revealing emotions of both excitement and concern. In the middle of the countryside, an abandoned farm is burning. In a school, a children’s choir is singing Christmas carols. In a slaughterhouse, chickens are parading along a rail. In a museum, a mother is arguing with her ex-husband on the phone. In a living room, a young girl is making her grandmother try on her new virtual reality headset – Through 56 scenes, Echo draws a portrait, both biting and tender, of modern society.


Last Autumn, The (Síðasta haustið)
dir. Yrsa Roca Fannberg
2020 | Iceland | 78

In a remote part of Iceland, a long line of farmers has kept an ancient sheepherding tradition alive for centuries—year after year, season after season, in one of the most desolate parts of the world, framed by inhospitable terrain and the imposing presence of the Arctic Ocean. However, the world has evolved and the natural bounties and rituals are starting to give way to a more streamlined industrial complex. Farmer Úlfar has one final season left and must accept that his traditional way of life is coming to an end. Through stunning visuals and sombre nostalgia, The Last Autumn captures a beautiful place and time that, even as it fades, will linger in the cold air for centuries longer. – Hot Docs 2020