The Future is Female Film Series


It is the duty of good film programmers to consider what films reflect our current zeitgeist, what films make bold new innovations in the art of cinema, and what films help us envision a better and more equitable future for all of humankind. In 2018 our programming committee accepted the challenge of ensuring 40-60% of all films programmed at GFF would be written or directed by women. And we are proud to have accomplished this goal with room to spare.

As GFF takes strides towards gender parity at our Festival, we are proud to present this bold series of feature films directed by some of the best emerging female filmmakers working today! We are even more proud to have funded this series through a collaborative co-sponsorship by Winnipeg’s most successful production companies: Original Pictures, Inferno Pictures, Black Watch Entertainment, Buffalo Gal Pictures, Canadian Media Producers Association, Farpoint Films, Frantic Films, Media RendezVous, Merit Motion Pictures, and Rebecca Gibson.

690 Vopnafjörður

dir. Karna Sigurðardóttir in attendance!
Iceland | 2017 | 57 m | PG
In the middle of nowhere, the 645 people of Vopnafjörður village in Iceland go about their daily lives. The fear of depopulation leaves no inhabitant free from the pressure of protecting the existence of this little village. The film explores the communal tensions that push people to leave, and how personal identity can be so profoundly linked to place.
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dir. Sadaf Foroughi
Canada/Iran | 2017 | 1 h 43 m | PG
*winner of FIPRESCI Prize & Hon. Mention, Best Canadian Feature | TIFF 2017
In Tehran, upper-middle-class teen Ava abides by a strict routine of school, violin lessons, and curfew. When Ava’s mistrustful and overprotective mother questions her relationship with a boy Ava is stunned by this violation of privacy which escalates Ava’s rebellious behaviour, to life-altering effect.
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The Miseducation of Cameron Post

dir. Desiree Arkhavan
USA | 2018 | 1 h 30 m | 14A
*winner of the Grand Jury Prize | Sundance 2018
In 1993, a teenage girl is forced into a gay conversion therapy center by her conservative guardians.
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Never Steady, Never Still

dir. Kathleen Hepburn in attendance!
Canada | 2017 | 1 h 52 m | PG
*Best Emerging Canadian Director – Vancouver IFF 2017
A mother struggles to take control of her life in the face of advanced Parkinson’s disease, while her son battles his sexual and emotional identity amongst the violence of Alberta’s oil field work camps.
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The Rider

dir. Chloe Zhao
USA | 2017 | 1 h 44 m | 14A
*winner of C.I.C.A.E. Award | Cannes 2017
After suffering a near-fatal head injury, a young cowboy undertakes a search for new identity and what it means to be a man in the heartland of America.
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dir. Sandi Tan
Singapore | 2018 | 1 h 38 m | PG
*winner of the World Cinema Award – Documentary | Sundance 2018
In 1992, teenager Sandi Tan and her friends Sophie and Jasmine shot Singapore’s first indie road movie called “Shirkers” with their enigmatic American mentor Georges. After shooting wrapped, Georges vanished without a trace with all the footage. 20 years later, the footage is recovered in New Orleans, sending Sandi on a personal odyssey across two continents to discover the truth about their film.
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The Swan

dir. Ása Helga Hjörleifsdóttir in attendance!
Iceland | 2017 | 1 h 31 m | 14A
*selection of TIFF 2017
A wayward nine-year-old girl is sent to the countryside to work and mature, but finds herself instead deeply entangled in a drama she can hardly grasp.
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Terror Nullius

dir. Soda_Jerk
Australia | 2018 | 55 m | 14A
Hitch a ride into the dark heart of Australia with Soda_Jerk’s Terror Nullius, a blistering, badly-behaved sample-based film that confronts the horror of our contemporary moment. Equal parts political satire, eco-horror and feminist road movie, the film is a rogue remapping of national mythology that uses the country’s popular images to interrogate, re-appropriate, and disintegrate.  Sponsored by the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival!
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