Documenting Displacement

Graphic for film series 3


Personal experiences of the impersonal forces that make us move.  There can be a power in finding a new home, but so many things are irrevocably lost when displacement is forced upon you.  One thing is for certain… We will never be the same again.



Still image from FlowersFlowers
dir. Vado Vergara
2017 | Brazil | 17 min.

In the midst of the daily encounters and mismatches, the construction of big real estate enterprises modifies the city architecture. Meanwhile, time engraves relentlessly its marks.




Still image from foreclosed home movieForeclosed Home Movie
dir. Lisa Danker
2018 | United States | 8 min.

A memoir of losing a home in 1930 in Miami, becomes the sister tale to a foreclosure in 2013. Unable to accept the loss of her foreclosed home, the filmmaker’s mother recounts its rooms and features. Photographs and abstractly animated details of the house and its furniture—printed from linoleum blocks directly onto 16mm film––alternate with the memoir of the 1920s, echoing the cyclical nature both of economic booms (and busts) and of trauma.



Still image from 19911991
dir. Saif Alsaegh
2018 | United States | 12 min.

Through poetic juxtaposition of the virtual landscape of the phone, the calm landscape of the cabin, and the chaotic landscape of memory, the film paints a cruel image of the horror of war, displacement, and separation.





Still image from When the Children LeftWhen the Children Left
dir. Charlene Moore
2019 | Manitoba | 11 min.

For generations, children have been forced to leave their communities. After losing her sister, Angelina embarks on a healing journey to honour her.





Still image from The Guests

The Guests
dir. Arshia Shakiba
2018 | Canada | 6 min.

The Guests takes us into a poorly resourced Syrian refugee camp, as the inhabitants try to regain the familiar rhythms of their lives.





Still image from LotusLOTUS
dir. Mohammadreza Vatandoust
2018 | Iran | 13 min.

In February of 1996, the Lafour dam started to be built in the north of Iran. While the other villagers immigrated to other towns, the old woman could not leave and for 12 years she has waited for a permit to enter the island to visit its only resident.