DOC35 Retrospective Film Series

DOC35 Retrospective Film Series

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC), DOC35 and DOC Manitoba are proud to present a selection of classic and dynamic documentaries by Manitoba-based filmmakers.

Fat Chance

12:30pm | Lady of the Lake Theatre | Fri, July 27
dir. Jeff McKay | 1994 | 72min
This documentary follows Rick Zakowich as he faces his lifelong struggles with his weight and body image. The film takes on fat-shaming by examining the ways in which society treats people whose bodies don’t necessarily match the narrow ideal of attractiveness.
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Two Films by Elise Swerhone

3pm | Lady of the Lake Theatre | Fri, July 27 | 85min total

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Tommy Douglas: Keeper of the Flame | 1986 | 58min
Known as the “Father of Medicare,” T.C. (Tommy) Douglas was a one-time champion boxer and fiery preacher who entered politics in the 1930s and never looked back.

Havakeen Lunch | 1979 | 27min
Summer 1977. A roadside lunch counter in Manitoba’s Interlake. Friends, strangers and oddball characters wander in and out as owner Ellen Kihn prepares to retire.



The Way Things Were // Classic Short MB Docs

5:30pm @ Lady of the Lake Theatre | Fri, July 27 | 75min total

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Ted Baryluk’s Grocery | dirs. John Paskievich & Michael Mirus | 1982 | 10min
A wistful rendering of a shopkeeper’s relationship with his daughter and a fascinating portrait of a neighbourhood and its inhabitants from a bygone era.

Grain Elevator | dir. Charles Konowal | 1981 | 16min
A visual portrait of “Prairie Sentinels,” the vertical grain elevators that once dotted the Canadian Prairies.

Bush Pilot: Reflections on a Canadian Myth | Norma Bailey & Bob Lower | 1980 | 22min
A reflection on the development of the North, where towns are increasingly being remade in the image of the South and bush pilots are slowly becoming obsolete.

Nose and Tina | Norma Bailey | 1980 | 27min
An intimate domestic study of the lives of a brakeman and a prostitute. The film documents their hassles with work, money and the law.



Films in this program provided courtesy of the National Film Board of Canada <3 <3 <3