Dibaajimowin, Treaty One.
presented by the Indigenous Filmmakers Association

GFF is excited to team up with the Indigenous Filmmakers Association for the fourth year in a row! This year, the IFA held a filmmaking challenge for their members in conjunction with GFF. The films in this program were created leading up to the 2020 Festival by the IFA’s local Indigenous filmmaker members, all shot right here in Manitoba. Thanks to all of the filmmakers for creating these wonderful films for this special screening!



1.) Four Spirits Walk As One (3min) – Director: Olly King

“Two ‘Two-Spirit’ boys go out on their first date for a picnic in the park.”


2.) Suits (5 min) – Director: Brandon McPherson

“One Small act of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life.” A Just TV youth film.


3.) Eagle Girl (12 min) – Director: Sonya Ballantyne

“In a world where people possess magical abilities, a young girl with the power to heal
calls on the Creator to grant her the strength to save her sick grandmother. Instead she attracts a shapeshifter.”


4.) Hunger (2min) – Director: Rachel Beaulieu

“In a post-apocalyptic world, a lone survivalist must fend for herself.”



5.) The Wolf (5min) – Director: Roger Boyer

“2 journalism students go missing while trying to get pictures of a wolf at a local park.”


6.) AADIZOOKAAN (7 min) – Director: Kale Swampy

“Gathered around a fire, a group of cousins break protocol and quickly learn the consequences of speaking aloud certain stories, for the spirits are listening.”


7.) Tonight We Get Even (4min) – Director: Cody Blacksmith

“A young indigenous artist is haunted by a recent traumatic event.”


8.) Fear The Wendigo (6min)- Director: John Wapioke

“One man’s encounter with an eerie presence.”


9.) I am COVID19 (6min) – Director: Chelsey Mark:

“In the depths of COVID-19 isolation, a young man confronts his alter ego.”


10.) IndiGenie (4 min) – Director: Sarah Simpson-Yellowquill

“IndiGenie: a doll who listens to your heart and grants your wishes.”


11.) Skinny Kookoo Comedy Sketch Show (14min) – Dir. Joyce Delaronde

“The Skinny Kookoo Comedy Sketch Show – Indigenous Humour At Its Finest!”