Audience watches a screen

Day 11- 12 Days of Giving

On Day 11 (only one more day to go!) we thank the filmmakers.

Thank you for sharing your work with us. We believe cinema has the power to inspire change.

At the 2018 Festival, we were honoured to host Manitoba filmmakers as well as out-of-province filmmakers. This year, 63 Manitoba filmmakers attended the Festival! And special thank you to our out-of-town filmmaker guests including Simon Plouffe (Canada), Kathleen Hepburn (Canada), Christy Garland (Canada), Ása Hjörleifsdóttir (Iceland), Karna Sigurðardóttir (Iceland), Paul Kemp (Canada) and Michelle Latimer (Canada)!

GFF believes in creating an ethical film festival model that is respectful of all artists and audiences, pays proper IMAA artist fees to filmmakers and presents diverse and inclusive programming. We are so thankful to all the filmmakers that choose to submit their work to GFF and support our Festival.

Did you know our submissions are open now? Check out our post here for more about submitting!