COTB | Saturday Night Performances & Party
9PM – Midnight, Performances begin at 9:30PM
sponsored by Farpoint Films

Join us for our special Saturday Night Party – sponsored by Farpoint Films – featuring expanded cinema live performances from Mexico City, the United Kingdom, Saskatoon and Winnipeg.

The party is free to attend for all Super Pass and Film Community Passholders and is open to the general public ($20 cover).  There will be a cash bar and light snacks will be served.

Special thanks to our partners Video Pool Media Arts Centre & New Media Manitoba for their support of the Cinema Outside the Box series.


*starting at 9:30PM

1. Composition for PowerPoint by Colby Richardson

2019 | 20min | Video | Winnipeg, CA
Composition for Powerpoint is a 3-channel expanded cinema performance which uses Microsoft PowerPoint to animate both light and sound. At times playful, at times self-referencing, and at times brutally structuralist, Richardson aims to re-examine the familiar motifs of a PowerPoint presentation as a catalyst for new experimental animation.

2. Pending by Bea Haut

2018 | 10min | 16mm | United Kingdom
This 100ft length of film is formed by the audience into a ‘living loop’, before being taken up and played out by the projector. Thus creating a sympathetic film which conjoins the audience, the artist and the subject in an act of duration and suspension.



3. Glyph by Jael Jacobo and Ezequiel Guido

2018 | 25min | 2 x 16mm w/ live sound | Mexico
Glyph is a expanded cinema project by Jael Jacobo and Ezequiel Guido, about the evolution of pre-Hispanic symbols in Mexico, specifically, petroglyphs found in the areas of Jalisco, Chiapas, Guerrero and Michoacán, which were drawn, animated and filmed on 16mm film.


4. Surface Tension by Chad Munson & Lindsey Rewuski

2017 | 30min | projections & live sound | Saskatoon, CA
This exercise in deep listening is augmented by Lindsey Rewuski’s reactive live visual performance that incorporates liquids, organic materials, chemicals, textiles and other found objects. Surface Tension is a visceral, submersive, and intimate performance, that Munson and Rewuski have been refining since 2017.