As part of GFF’s Cinema Outside the Box special focus, you can catch a variety of Manitoba-made installed video works around the Festival site!  Thanks to Video Pool Media Arts Centre for their support of our COTB Installations!

The Peak Experience by Leslie Supnet
A 3-channel meditation experience to unlock and reconcile with one’s past in an effort to imagine a future actualized self.
On display at the *new* Flatland Coffee Roasters (41 Centre St.)

The Mosquito Game by Leslie Supnet & Mike Maryniuk
The Mosquito Game™ as featured in Mike Maryniuk’s debut feature film, The Goose. Designed by Mike Maryniuk and Leslie Supnet, this game is about as Manitoban as you can get.
On display at the *new* Flatland Coffee Roasters (41 Centre St.)

Sheri Pranteau: Undisappeared by Group épopée
Groupe Épopée filmed Sheri Pranteau talking about her incarceration after she received a life sentence for manslaughter and armed robbery. Pranteau, a Cree and Anishinaabe woman from Manitoba, was tried in Winnipeg and served fifteen years in prison.
On display at Up a Stump Used Books (33 Centre St.)

Hyper-Distracted by Damien Ferland
An autobiographical web-series by Damien Ferland follows the filmmaker from location to location across the city of Winnipeg, recounting the formative and hilarious experiences of his life. Past offices, schools, the homes of friends and family, every place has a story where he invariably finds himself in deep trouble.

Follow the “Find the Ferland” map below to seek out the different locations in Gimli that will be screening select episodes of Hyper-Distracted by local filmmaker Damien Ferland, as well as the other installations listed above!