Sunday, July 26 | 8 PM CDT

Please join us as we close out GFF 2020 with BULLETPROOF (7 PM CDT)
Closing night film sponsored generously by Harris Builders.





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dir. Todd Chandler
2020 | United States | 85 min

7 PM CDT | Sunday, July 26 

Bulletproof explores the complexities of violence in schools by looking at the ways in which we try to prevent it. The film travels across the United States, observing the age-old rituals that take place daily in and around American schools: homecoming parades, basketball practice, morning announcements, and math class. Unfolding alongside these scenes are an array of newer traditions: lockdown drills, teacher firearm training, metal detector inspections, and school safety trade shows. Bulletproof weaves together these moments in a cinematic meditation on fear, violence, and the meaning of safety, bringing viewers into intimate proximity with the people self-tasked with protecting the nation’s children while generating revenue along the way, as well as with those most deeply impacted by these heightened security measures: students and teachers.