2020 The Future is Female* Mentorship Program

Submissions will be opening soon!

The Future is Female* mentorship program is back!

This mentorship program is aimed at involving more women-identified, trans and non-binary folx in the Gimli Film Festival and the greater filmmaking community! 

The program takes place in conjunction with the 20th annual Gimli Film Festival. This program is completely free to participants! 

GFF 2018 Future is Female* Mentorship Program attendees by busAs part of this program, GFF will provide up to 45 applicants with free transportation to the festival via charter bus from Winnipeg to Gimli for a full day of inspiring and educational woman-driven film programming during the Gimli Film Festival. This includes woman-directed film screenings, Q&As with out-of-town filmmakers, panels and more!

*This program is of course meant to be inclusive, and as such the asterisk here is meant to represent any non-binary, trans and woman-identified folks that don’t prescribe to traditional gender norms.  All woman-identified, trans and non-binary individuals are very much encouraged to apply to this program!

This program is supported by the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation  


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And sponsored by Canadian Media Producers Association, Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art (MAWA), On Screen Manitoba, Rebecca Gibson and  Vital Transit.


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Sign-up:GFF Future is Female* Mentorship Program

Submissions will open up for the 2020 Future is Female* Mentorship Program in the new year.