WE GO WAY BACK  |  A Tribute to Lynn Shelton

Thursday, July 23 | 9pm CDT  | On GFF Live Stream

**Introduced by Benjamin Kasulke, long-time friend and cinematographer for Lynn Shelton; and followed by a Q&A with Ben and Megan Griffiths, the AD on We Go Way Back. 

Join GFF in celebrating the late, great Lynn Shelton, who in May 2020 tragically passed away far before her time from a previously unidentified blood disorder.  Lynn leaves behind an impressive body of work, and is best known for her films “Humpday” and “Your Sister’s Sister” and the series “Little Fires Everywhere”.

Lynn’s primary cinematographer Ben Kasulke joins GFF to pay tribute to Lynn, and preface a screening of Lynn’s first feature film We Go Way Back.  And both Ben and Megan Griffiths – the AD on We Go Way Back – will join GFF for a post-screening Q&A with Festival Director Aaron Zeghers.



We Go Way Back
dir. Lynn Shelton
2020 | United States | 80 min

9 PM | Thursday, July 23 |  On GFF Live Stream

A tragic-comic tale with surrealistic tendencies about a lost 23-year-old who is haunted by her disappointed 13-year-old self. On her 23rd birthday, Kate (Amber Hubert) opens a letter that she wrote as a precocious adolescent to her imaginary grown-up self. The letter asks, “Are you happy?” Knowing the answer is “no,” Kate moves in a dreamlike state, passive and indifferent as Jiffy muffins burn and various men take advantage of her. Throughout, we hear 13-year-old Kate’s voice echo in adult Kate’s thoughts. Eventually, the young Kate character (Marguerite Brown) makes an appearance, leading to a moving confrontation.