GFF is proud to present the short film program The Medium is the Message, curated by GFF’s 2021 Short Film Programmer Shira Newman.

With the myriad technologies of communication available to us, these last years of isolation, have have been an almost impossible-to-imagine experiment into their exciting possibilities and dilemmas. We have experienced what it means to be very far apart and yet in constant communication with one another. But, as Marshall McLuhan would have us understand, the means of communication are not benign. They have an impact. How do we understand each other? How we understand ourselves? In these films we see nostalgia for the soul quenching richness of vinyl, we understand that the internet both helps to preserve disappearing languages and cultures while it simultaneously threaten them, and we watch love blossom on the edges of on-line dating. 

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Shorts #3: The Medium is the Message

Available only on GFF On Demand | July 19-25, 2021

The Golden Age

dir. Emmanuelle Lacombe
2021 | Canada | 22 min

By day, Sasha works at her family’s flea market shop. By night, she makes YouTube videos in the hope of becoming the next big thing. During Quebec’s National Day, a client films Sasha as she performs a duet with her grandmother, a fallen star in Quebec’s music industry. Basking the glow of the former diva’s aura, she sees her popularity skyrocket. To her, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

What I learned from 8mm

dir. Sean Scally
2021 | Canada | 17 min

A personal journey on the importance of preserving old film stock.

Inuit Languages in the 21st Century

dir. Ulivia Uviluk
2021 | Canada | 9 min

Ulivia explores what is accessible via Internet in relation to Inuktitut; a complex language with several dialects which vary from one generation to the next. Inuktitut is threatened by dominant languages. Are there solutions, so that these technologies are allies and not enemies?

Consent Agreement

dir. Ravi Steve Khajuria
2021 | Canada | 10 min

A couple struggle with connectivity issues while using a sexual consent app to hook-up. Consent Agreement is a modern romantic comedy that explores sexual consent and technology’s impact on shaping modern relationships

The Archivists

dir. Igor Drljača
2021 | Canada | 14 min

In a dystopian future, a travelling trio of musicians discover an abandoned house – a relic from the old world. As the bandmates explore the ruin, they stumble upon a hidden room full of precious artifacts of a bygone era. It’s a cultural windfall – journals, books, pictures and of course, music. Amongst the trove, one particular vinyl LP catches the band’s attention: The Age of Consent, by 80s synthpop trio Bronski Beat. As they attempt to make out the degraded lyrics to one of its tracks, inspiration takes hold.


dir. Hugo Chetelat
2021 | Canada | 8 min

Leo visits his grandfather who no longer speaks and finds a way to connect with him.