GFF is proud to present the best made-in-Manitoba short films once again in our annual Manitoba Shorts in Competition program, sponsored by Johnston Group.  This collection of nine short films represents a diverse collection of creative voices from Manitoba, as selected by this year’s Manitoba Shorts Jury: Sardé Hardie, Danielle Sturk & Jennifer Smith.

The Manitoba Shorts in Competition will Premiere via Free Live Stream on Saturday, July 17th on GFF’s Website Homepage!  Join us for a screening of all the selected films, and stick around for a post-screening Q&A with the filmmakers and the live announcement of the Audience Choice Award for Best Manitoba Short Film (sponsored by Eagle Vision) and the Jury Prize for Best Manitoba Short Film (sponsored by Manitoba Film & Music). 

The Manitoba Shorts in Competition will also be available to all passholders and individual ticket buyers on GFF On Demand from July 19-25th. 

Thanks to Johnston Group, the official sponsor of GFF’s Manitoban and Canadian short films!

Manitoba Shorts in Competition

Premiering via Free Live Stream on GFF Homepage | 7pm, Sat, July 17
Available on GFF On Demand | July 19-25, 2021

Don’t Forget the Water

dir. Christina Hajjar
2021 | Manitoba | 5 min

A phone conversation sets the diasporic table as a disembodied figure prepares Qahwah Arabi / Arabic Coffee. Here, the contradictions inherent in Google Translate’s instant camera feature are made visible through glitched mistranslations. Using these flaws as a prompt, the communication between a mother and a daughter considers ambiguity as a source of embodied knowledge. Don’t Forget the Water was created with the generous support of Manitoba Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts.

Black Forest Sanatorium

dir. Diana Thorneycroft
2020 | Canada | 7 min

Starving for companionship, Quinn pursues an unorthodox approach to resolving her intense loneliness during a visit at a local sanatorium.


dir. Rowan Gray
2021 | Manitoba | 12 min

Discovering her ailing grandmother has escaped, Eden must track her down through a harsh Canadian winter landscape. The two women and their conflicting perceptions lead to a final, singular reality.

The Test

dir. Bisong Taiwo
2021 | Manitoba | 9 min

Inspired by the romantic and dreamy visuals of Wong Kar Wai and Barry Jenkins, The Test is an autobiographical film that follows an expectant couple who must wait through the weekend for the results of an amniocentesis test that may or may not confirm a suspected case of Down Syndrome.

Portage Place Mall (with love)

dir. Ryan Steel
2021 | Manitoba | 3 min

In 1986, three city blocks in downtown Winnipeg were demolished to make way for a shopping centre/utopian community space called Portage Place.

Strong Son

dir. Ian Bawa
2021 | Manitoba | 3 min

An endearing portrait of a South Asian father as he attempts to give life and marital advice to his bodybuilding and image-obsessed son. This deeply touching, comedic short film is an autobiographical piece that stars the director’s own father, Jagdeep Singh Bawa.

In a Moment’s Notice

dir. Alec Carlos
2021 | Manitoba | 8 min

After hearing devastating news, Atlas has to come to terms with his situation before telling his family later that same day.

Big Things

dir. Eric Peterson
2021 | Manitoba | 17 min

An aspiring musician experiences the loss of his grandfather, annoying coworkers and the anticipation of Big Things.

My Son, My Father

dir. Steven Bignell
2021 | Manitoba | 13 min

Set during the winter of WW2, a father writes to his son back home and faults himself for leaving his son.