The Gimli Film Festival is proud to present our annual overview of the best in Manitoban cinema through our Manitoba Film Series.  As Manitoba’s premiere film festival for emerging and established filmmakers alike, we work hard to provide local filmmakers a platform to showcase their work to a diverse and engaged audience.  

In 2021, GFF also celebrates the history of Manitoban cinema with a number of retrospective film titles, made right here in Manitoba!

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2021 Manitoba Film Series:

What We’ve Pulled Off So Far

dir. Kevin Nikkel
2021 | Canada | 80 min
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Manitoba master documentarian Kevin Nikkel explores the roots of filmmaking in his home province. Through the decades, we see the film and community that has given Winnipeg and Manitoba notoriety as the underground filmmaking hotbed of Canada!

The Corruption of Divine Providence

dir. Jeremy Torrie
2020 | Canada | 96 min
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Division and discontent roil beneath the surface of the seemingly peaceful bilingual farm community of St-Michel, Manitoba. When the troubled teenager Jeanne Séraphin is nearly killed by mysterious bleeding, the news triggers a frenzy of worship from people looking for a miracle. The Catholic Church, Dakota elders, and an American Pentecostal preacher all vie for access to the young woman, seizing on her suffering to validate their beliefs. But a sage mystic appears, rescues Jeanne from a fallen angel, and makes sense of the strange phenomena that surround her. Jeanne’s message that divinity can coexist with mortal sins quickly separates true believers from false prophets. It will be up to each individual to choose their righteous path.

Psycho Goreman

dir. Steven Kostanski
2020 | Canada | 92 min
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Siblings Mimi and Luke unwittingly resurrect an ancient alien overlord. Using a magical amulet, they force the monster to obey their childish whims, and accidentally attract a rogues’ gallery of intergalactic assassins to small-town suburbia.

Shorts #0: Friendly Manitoba:

Premiering via Free Live Stream on GFF Homepage | 7pm, Mon, July 12
Available on GFF On Demand | July 12-25, 2021

GFF is proud to present the first-ever collection of short films commissioned by the Gimli Film Festival, in celebration and reflection of MB150. Eleven short films by local filmmakers were commissioned by GFF in late 2019, with the support of MB150the Canada Council for the Artsthe Thomas Sill Foundation and the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba. The films were initially destined to screen as part of the 20th annual GFF in 2020. But fate had other plans…

FRIENDLY MANITOBA presents a diverse and eclectic vision of Manitoba’s collective self-consciousness, as told by a motley crew of Manitoba’s finest. Who will complete their films to premiere at this year’s Gimli Film Festival? Well you’ll have to tune in to find out, because WE don’t even know at this point.

The completed films will kick-off the 21st annual Gimli Film Festival via free live stream on Monday, July 12, 2021 (all live stream content available on GFF’s Homepage). The films will also be available to Passholders and Individual Ticket Buyers on GFF On Demand for the entire duration of the Festival, July 12-25.

10-Year RBC Pitch Competition Retrospective

Watch on GFF On Demand | July 12 – 25, 2021
Watch via FREE Live Stream | 3pm, July 24 on GFF’s Website

  1. MARK, dir. Justina Neepin | 2013 | Manitoba
  2. Black Rainbow, dir. Kyle Sanderson | 2014 | Manitoba
  3. Crash Site, dir. Sonya Ballantyne | 2015 | Manitoba
  4. Annabelle, Kevin Tabachnik | 2015 | Manitoba
  5. The Debut, dir. Allegra Chiarella | 2017 | Manitoba
  6. If It Ain’t Got, dirs. Miles Crossman & Nicola Baldwin |2018 | Manitoba
  7. Palm House (Eternal Youth), dir. Erica Ulrich | 2019 | Manitoba
  8. First Session, dir. Matthew Van Ginkel | 2020 | Manitoba
  9. Anak, dir. Joanne Roberts | 2021 | Manitoba