GFF is proud to present a special Indigenous Horror Focus at GFF 2021, curated by guest programmer Daina Warren. This lineup shines a spotlight on a growing sub-genre of horror – films that explore Indigenous themes and historical traumas through the horror genre, as made by Indigenous filmmakers.  Daina Warren, the current Director of Urban Shaman Gallery, has selected five films, both feature length and shorts, that span a spectrum of themes and moods of horror, infused with Indigenous perspectives.

Available only on GFF On Demand, July 12-25, 2021. Generously sponsored by MB150.

Indigenous Horror Focus

Curated by Daina Warren

Indigenous Horror Focus: Program #1

Available only on GFF On Demand | July 12-25, 2021

Land Memories: Starlight Tours

dir. Scott Benesiinaabandan
2015 | Canada | 4 min

This film is an exploration into the sites of loss where Indigenous men were dropped off and left to the elements during the winter months by police officers on the outskirts of Saskatoon on notorious Moonlight Drives or Starlight Tours.

Edge of the Knife / SGaawaay K’uuna

dir. Helen Haig-Brown
2018 | Canada | 101 min

Haida Gwaii, 1800’s. At a seasonal fishing camp, two families endure conflict between the nobleman Adiits’ii and his best friend Kwa. After Adiits’ii causes the accidental death of Kwa’s son, he flees into the rainforest, descending into madness.

Indigenous Horror Focus: Program #2

Available only on GFF On Demand | July 12-25, 2021


dir. Jennifer Varenchik
2019 | | 7 min

Two urban Native roommates disagree about tuning into a reality ghost hunting show that filmed on their reservation. Kelsey insists watching it is bad medicine, and that only negative things can come from viewing it. Annie thinks it’s not a big deal, they live in Los Angeles, plus it’s just a TV show. Or is it?


dir. Shirley Cheechoo
2001 | Canada | 83 min

Bearwalker is the story of a supernatural force at work in a small community where prejudice, injustice, corruption and revenge are simmering just below the surface. It is a dramatic and compelling tale of four Aboriginal sisters’ struggles with the powerful and menacing spirit of the Bearwalker, an evil force that takes possession of and tears apart several lives in the town.