GFF is proud to present the short film program Break Your Heart Until It Opens, curated by GFF’s 2021 Short Film Programmer Shira Newman.

Love is always the Question! The search for love is eternal and universal. A teenager in Vietnam deals with his crush’s love for Scandinavian boybands and her disdain for him; two young artists graduate high school and look into their future together (or apart); a young woman literally turns into an ecosystem of flowers and plants as she waits for her beloved; and an elderly couple in Iran show us how it’s done – loving each other through all the ups and downs of life.These are just some of the wonderful love-focused films in this program.  Funny, joyful, sad, confusing…you know…love!

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Shorts #5: Break Your Heart Until It Opens

Available only on GFF On Demand | July 19-25, 2021

Becoming Water

dir. Claudia Tuyết Scheffel
2021 | Germany | 22 min
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During her holidays, a girl saves a panda and takes care of the family’s prayer shrine when she notices that a Buddha figure has disappeared.

Mr and Mrs Doe

dir. Shirin Qaredaqi
2020 | Iran | 20 min
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A retired couple living a lonely life with a tiny retirement still carry the responsibility for their children’s weaknesses in life. How to survive is the daily question on their plate.

As Spring Comes

dir. Marie-Ève JusteJ
2021 | Canada | 14 min
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Suffering from a strange disease that transforms her into plants, a woman inhabit her lover’s ice fishing cabin.

Flower Boy

dir. Anya Chirkova
2021 | Canada | 16 min
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As August creeps in, Nav forms an intimate bond with an audacious painter and a middle-aged laser tag owner. Just as he begins to find himself, summer inescapably comes to an end.

The Tape

dir. Kayla Craig
2021 | Canada | 5 min
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After popping the ultimate question, an actor must decide how far they are willing to go to be famous.

Ring Bearer

dir. Adam Yarish
2021 | Manitoba | 6 min
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After inheriting his grandmother’s engagement ring, James finds himself on a daunting mission as he sets out to find his bride to be. However, along the way he begins to question where his motivation comes from.