GFF’s 2SLGBTQ+ Film Series celebrates the sexual and gender diversity of the people of the world, through telling their stories!  

Generously sponsored by the Reel Pride Film Festival, coming up October 12-17, 2021!

2021 2SLGBTQ+ Film Series:

Hey, Happy!

dir. Noam Gonick
2001 | Canada | 76 min
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On the outskirts of Winnipeg after the fall of Western civilization, a pornography-merchant sets out to seduce 2000 men.


dir. Oliver Hermanus
2020 | South Africa / United Kingdom | 104 min
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A young man in 1981 South Africa must complete his brutal and racist two years of compulsory military service while desperately maintaining the secrecy of his homosexuality.

My Name is Baghdad

dir. Caru Alves De Souza
2020 | Brazil | 99 min
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Baghdad is a 17-year-old female skater, who lives in Freguesia do Ó, a working-class neighborhood in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Baghdad skateboards with a group of male friends and spends a lot of time with her family and with her mother’s friends. Together, the women around her form a network of people who are out of the ordinary. When Baghdad meets a group of female skateboarders, her life suddenly changes.

the Nature of Nicholas

dir. Jeff Erbach
2003 | Canada | 97 min
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A surreal fable set on the Canadian Prairie, The Nature of Nicholas is the tale of a young boy wrestling with an attraction to his best friend while tormented by visions of his dead father.

No Ordinary Man

dir. Aisling Chin-Yee / Chase Joynt
2020 | Canada | 84 min
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No Ordinary Man is an in-depth look at the life of musician and trans culture icon Billy Tipton. Complicated, beautiful and historically unrivalled, this groundbreaking film shows what is possible when a community collaborates to honour the legacy of an unlikely hero.

One of Ours

dir. Yasmine Mathurin
2021 | Canada | 90 min
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After a Haitian-born youth is racially profiled at an Indigenous basketball tournament, he wrestles with his shaken sense of belonging in his Indigenous adoptive family while attempting to heal from his past.


dir. Coraci Ruiz
2020 | Brazil | 77 min
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Threshold is an autobiographical documentary made by a mother that registers the gender transition of her adolescent son, accompanying him and the conflicts, certainties and uncertainties that pervade him in a deep search for his identity.


dir. Zaida Bergroth
2020 | Finland / Sweden | 100 min
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The movie centres on the life of Tove Jansson, showing both her personal relationships, and the creation of the popular Moomin books.