GFF is proud to present the short film program Daughters Rising, curated by GFF’s 2021 Short Film Programmer Shira Newman.

An international program of films exploring the experiences of daughters seeking their places of belonging in families and communities as their roles in the world and their senses of self changes. From Iran, Quebec, China, and the USA – these are stories of love, hope, conflict, resistance, and resilience – and above all, the longing for connection. 

Generously sponsored by Johnston Group.

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Shorts #2: Daughters Rising

Available only on GFF On Demand | July 19-25, 2021


dir. Maryam Esmikhani
2021 | Iran | 15 min

Nazanin is a seven year old girl, who is trying to reveal a secret that bothers her by getting close to the emergency agent who has come to their house to check on her mother.

Clench my Fists

dir. Sarah Trad
2020 | United States | 6 min

Clench My Fists is a found-footage collage video that explores the process of growing up in an Arab family deeply affected by death and grief. Using footage from the Lebanese film “In the Battlefields,” as well as “Candy” and “The 100,” and audio from archival recorded Lebanese funeral laments, the video looks at how men and women express grief and anger under the patriarchy, as well as how trauma and childhood experiences can evolve into mental illness and patterns of behavior as adults.

Pitoc e icinakosian

dir. Jos-Onimskiw Ottawa-Dubé / Gerry Ottawa
2021 | Canada | 6 min

Gerry and their big brother Jos show us that there is more to being different than bullying, discrimination and harassment.

Sokinaa’ Passkaan Aassisstoi (Healing Bells)

dir. Taylor Crowspreadshiswings
2021 | Canada | 4 min

This film is inspired by true events. Through an emotional approach, we discover resiliency through dance.

Over My Dead Body

dir. Meital Cohen Navarro
2021 | United States | 25 min

When a young Jewish Persian-American woman tells her parents that her fiancé is Muslim, they make her choose between him and them. Their conflict offers a window into the taboo subjects of religious intolerance and intermarriage outside of one’s culture.

To Be The Father

dir. Muyun Zhou
2021 | Manitoba | 15 min

A mid-aged father who lives alone for years wants to learn more about his elusive daughter over dinner, and not eating scallions was the first thing he learned.