In 2021, GFF & RBC celebrate the 10 years of RBC Pitch Competition Winners with a special Retrospective Screening of the past 10 years of Pitch-winning Films!

The 10-Year Pitch Retrospective takes place via FREE live stream on Saturday, July 24 at 3pm, available for FREE on GFF’s Website Homepage. The Retrospective will also be available for the duration of the Festival (July 12-25) to passholders and ticket buyers on GFF On Demand.

10-Year RBC Pitch Competition Retrospective



dir. Justina Neepin
2013 | Manitoba | 8 min

A young, optimistic man has an unexpected meeting with a beautiful, mysterious woman at a bus stop. They make flirtatious small talk but when the bus arrives she suddenly has to leave and he reluctantly says goodbye and boards the bus. As he starts to fall asleep on the bus, perhaps everything is not as it seems

Black Rainbow

dir. Kyle Sanderson
| 2014 | Manitoba | 12 min

In the small prairie town of Dauphin, Manitoba, an arch-like formation of black, oily clouds appear out of nowhere, causing a string of mass mirages and hallucinations for most of the residents. Young rancher Cosmo Holiday sees a mirage in the form of a beautiful woman named Elena; she is literally the woman of his dreams. Trouble begins again when Pike Prescott finds a solution to disperse the cloud formation and restore order to the town. Cosmo sets forth to do whatever it takes to stop Pike Prescott and save the imaginary love of his life.

Crash Site

dir. Sonya Ballantyne
2015 | Manitoba | 13 min

Crash Site tells the story of a displaced young girl, her overwhelmed older sister, and a superhero that brings them together.


dir. Kevin Tabachnik
2015 | Manitoba | 7 min

Jack, a vision-impaired man, is faced with the declining health of his closest friend and guide-dog, Annabelle.

The Debut

dir. Allegra Chiarella
2017 | Manitoba | 6 min

Edie, a prodigious conductor, is gifted with the ability to see music as colour.

If It Ain’t Got

dirs. Miles Crossman & Nicola Baldwin
2018 | Manitoba | 10 min

Facing a longing for home and community, a young man stumbles onto Winnipeg’s not so secret swing community and discovers that dancing transcends age, race, and nationality.

Palm House (Eternal Youth)

dir. Erica Ulrich
2019 | Manitoba |

Palm House (Eternal Youth) follows a young girl who shares a secret with an aging horticultural observatory, which is set to be demolished.

First Session

dir. Matthew van Ginkel
2020 | Manitoba | 5 min

James, while exploring an abandoned school encounters twisted-faced monsters-physical manifestation of his inner turmoil- something he chooses to confront as a part of a therapy session.


dir. Joanne Roberts
2021 | Manitoba | 9 min

When you look into your mothers eyes, you know that this is the purest love you could find on this earth.

But imagine if you will, a world where that isn’t the reality. Imagine a reality where a mothers love is weaponized against you, to be used as a reward, and taken away as punishment. Where the person who is supposed to keep you safe from harm is the one causing it. Furthermore, your culture dictates that it is your responsibility as the child to love and protect your mother. But wait. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

This is where we open Anak.