Shorts #0: Friendly Manitoba:

Premiering via Free Live Stream on GFF Homepage | 7pm, Mon, July 12
Available on GFF On Demand | July 12-25, 2021

Commissioned Filmmakers: Elena Sturk Lussier, Eric Plamondon, Erica M Daniels, Erin Hembrador, Jaimz Asmundson, Karen Asher, Kevin Nikkel, Marc Greene, Mike Maryniuk, Ryan Steel, Sara Bulloch & Johanna Reimer-Henteleff

GFF is proud to present the first-ever collection of short films commissioned by the Gimli Film Festival, in celebration and reflection of MB150. Eight short films by local filmmakers were commissioned by GFF in late 2019, with the support of MB150the Canada Council for the Artsthe Thomas Sill Foundationthe Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, The Winnipeg Foundation, and the Manitoba Arts Council. The films were initially destined to screen as part of the 20th annual GFF in 2020. But fate had other plans…

FRIENDLY MANITOBA presents a diverse and eclectic vision of Manitoba’s collective self-consciousness, as told by a motley crew of Manitoba’s finest. Who will complete their films to premiere at this year’s Gimli Film Festival? Well you’ll have to tune in to find out, because WE don’t even know at this point.

The completed films will kick-off the 21st annual Gimli Film Festival via free live stream on Monday, July 12, 2021 (all live stream content available on GFF’s Homepage). The films will also be available to Passholders and Individual Ticket Buyers on GFF On Demand for the entire duration of the Festival, July 12-25.

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2021 Shorts #0: Friendly Manitoba:

Consumption Falls

dir. Mike Maryniuk
2021 | Manitoba | 2 min
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Created during the golden age of parcels, this meditation on bubble wrap seeks to transport the viewer to a utopian island without worry in the same manner that Canada does with its recycling.

Riverside Queerness

dir. Eric Plamondon
2021 | Manitoba | 18 min
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Riverside Queerness reveals hard moments in the Prairies’ shadowed queer history. Three storytellers shine light on Manitoba truths often only retold amongst the queer community, as our history rarely found itself captured in print or in media. Casting shadows on important stories that reveal who we are.


dir. Erin Hembrador
2021 | Manitoba | 13 min
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Ana, a Filipina woman has just immigrated to Canada. Upon her arrival she is filled with optimism and excitement. When she spots an apple she is eager to try it, as it is the fruit she has seen in so many western movies. Coming from a rural area in the Philippines, apples are not very common. After finally trying one she realizes the fruits in the Philippines are so much better. This reflects her experiences as a new Immigrant. At first she was excited to start a new life in Canada, but as time goes by she realizes she longs for her family and life back home.

The Heart of the Melt

dir. Marc Greene
2021 | Manitoba | 13 min
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The Heart of the Melt is a fresh perspective on the rites of spring and self-discovery. Against the backdrop of the melt in all its ugly beauty, this short documentary film explores how nature can be a conduit for understanding family history. There is comfort and peace to be found in a familiar environment, especially when given the promise of a new season.

Preaching to the Perverted

dir. Karen Asher
2021 | Manitoba | 22 min
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A dreamy day in the life. A choose your own adventure anything goes mystery grab bag. Part semi autobiographical, part fantasy vs reality, Preaching to the Perverted comes from a kid reared on doughnuts, dirty movies and dance classes downtown. Shot in & around Winnipeg, Manitoba, enter a weird wonderland of magical moments & vague vignettes. Experience laughs, love, lust, loss.


dir. Elena Sturk Lussier
2021 | Manitoba | 8 min
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frenchie is a short film about Émilie, a thirteen-year-old francophone girl living within and navigating the inevitable influence of the English language in Winnipeg, Manitoba. While adults around her stress the importance of the preservation of the French language, Émilie cannot escape the allure of the English language, as well as the anxiety it gives her when she struggles to fit in.

Honey Dill Sauce

dir. Ryan Steel
2021 | Manitoba | 2 min
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“Everyone already knows the story” – Shirley Eng.

A cacophonous study of a condiment unique to Treaty One. A free jazz pandemic grocery store explosion. A look into the DNA of Manitoba’s culinary oddity – Honey Dill Sauce.

Ma Nishma Manitoba

dir. Johanna Reimer-Henteleff & Sara Bulloch
2021 | Manitoba | 43 min
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From challah to immigration to the wandering Jew, Ma Nishma Manitoba is a mid-length documentary that explores Manitoban Jewish stories of identity and history. Filmmakers Johanna and Sara put their own experiences in local context by chatting with several Jewish Manitobans, including a rabbi, politician, artist, Israeli immigrant, and others. Archival materials, illustrations, and stop animations connect history with present-day opinions and stories, as Sara and Johanna explore what being Jewish in Manitoba means to them and others.