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Jul 26, 2017


Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner

July 26, 2017 from 10am to 11:59am
Lady of The Lake Theatre
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Feature film (75 mins +)

Directed by Zacharias Kunuk

Year: 2001
Duration: 172 min
Country: Canada
Subtitles: English
"Atanarjuat, The Fast Runner" is an epic film made by and about the Inuit peoples of the Canadian arctic, telling a story of a crime that ruptures the trust within a closely knit group, and how justice is achieved and healing begins. Director Zacharias Kunuk and his writer, Paul Apak Angilin, collected oral versions of an Inuit legend from several elders, collated them into a story, submitted the story to the elders for suggestions and then filmed it as a collaborative expression.

Opening Reception

July 26, 2017 from 7pm to 10pm
Johnson Hall
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