What’s Free at the 2017 Gimli Film Festival

RBC Sunset Beach Screenings

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Manitoba-Made Virtual Reality Showcase

Sponsored by On Screen Manitoba

Explore storytelling through Immersive Content 360 experiences made right here in Manitoba. Three projects will be set up on First Street from 1-4pm on Saturday, July 29. Come visit and try out these locally-made new media projects and win prizes provided by On Screen Manitoba.

Featured Projects:


Producers: Carlyle Paetku, Christopher Paetkau, Trevor Gill, (Build Films)

You’ve seen it on the back of the Canadian $50. Now, immerse yourself in the world’s first feature-length documentary and multi-media 360° Virtual Reality tour aboard the iconic Amundsen icebreaker in the High Arctic. Explore the drastically changing Arctic landscape through the eyes of on-board researchers, scientists, students, and Inuit. Delve deep into their stories, adventures, findings, and encounters to see what climate change really means at the top of the world, how people feel about it, and what can be done.


PHANTOM OF THE FOREST (360° VR Game), 2017 – Prototype

Producers: Dylan Fries – Lead Developer, Michael Sanders – Art Director, John Toone – Writer (Electric Monk)

The badass of the boreal forest plunges headfirst into the snow to kill seven times a day. You are the world’s largest owl, the great grey, and it’s about to get real. Bear witness to the circle of life, experience the owl’s harrowing plight, the peace and quiet and beauty of flight. Prepare for the worst, because this winter is most inhospitable and survival is not guaranteed. Survive a week as a great grey owl by overcoming winter storms, the threat of starvation, and a challenging environment.

RBC $10,000 Emerging Filmmaker Competition

Five Manitoba filmmakers will go head-to-head to pitch their projects to a jury of industry experts before a live audience at this year’s Gimli Film Festival. Manitoba filmmakers were invited to submit a written concept to apply to the competition and five Manitoba filmmakers have been selected to go head-to-head to pitch their projects to a jury of industry experts in front of a live audience. The filmmakers will have three minutes to pitch their short film ideas to a panel of industry professionals in front of a live audience at the Gimli Theatre (74 2nd Ave, Gimli) on Saturday, July 29 at 10 am. The pitch competition is free and open to the public and will run from 10:00 am to noon. The winning filmmaker will receive $10,000 to make their film courtesy of the RBC Emerging Artists Project, a mentorship with industry professionals from the National Screen Institute, a $5,000 gift certificate courtesy of William F. White and a premiere screening of their film at next year’s Gimli Film Festival. Special thanks to event organisers On Screen Manitoba.