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July 12, 2016
12 Jul 2016


Manitoba is home to some of the most talented and hardworking creative filmmakers in the world! And so it is always our pleasure to be able to shine a spotlight annually on the best made-in-Manitoba films at the Gimli Film Festival!

With the help of On Screen Manitoba, we are proud to present six made-in-Manitoba feature films including, THE FORBIDDEN ROOM by Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson, 88:88 by Isiah Medina, WORLD TO COME by Trevor Mowchun, TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE by Noam Gonick and Sean Garrity’s BOREALIS!!

borealis still1
^still from Borealis by Sean Garrity

MB-born filmmaker Ryan McKenna will be in attendance with his latest award-winning feature filme THE HEART OF MADAME SABALI! Noam Gonick will also be in attendance with his exposé on LGBTTQ* rights (or lack there-of) during the Sochi Olympics, TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE. The Canadian-US coproduction shot in Manitoba – THE JOURNEY HOME – will also play.

MB-born Jonas Chernick (writer / producer / lead actor of BOREALIS) will be attending the festival to introduce his latest film and will also be teaching a TV & FILM ACTING WORKSHOP, sponsored by ACTRA Manitoba.

^still from Fabian Velasco’s THE CHAMP [MB Short Film Showcase]

Some of the best Manitoba short films from emerging directors are featured in the Manitoba Short Film Showcase, as sponsored by On Screen Manitoba. The program includes Trevor Kristjanson’s BOYS TOYS, Rachel Carlson’s BEAUTY IN FOCUS, Chloe Ross-Rogerson IN TRANSITION, Austin MacKay & Stuart Fletcher-Cook’s HOLD ON, Jenna Neepin & Justina Neepin’s THE LEAGUE, Christopher Paetkau
& Carlyle Paetkau’s OCEANS NORTH CANADA: PROTECTING MANITOBA’S BELUGA ESTUARIES, Christine Mazur’s OLIVIA, Nilufer Rahman’s LETTER TO A TERRORIST, and THE CHAMP – a film by Markus, Milos, Ian, Fabian.

In a continuing effort to promote Manitoba’s past, present and future, MTS Stories from Home has sponsored an additional 5-part series ofMB documentaries. Part 1: First Nations First features MB-based indigenous stories from Janelle Wookey & Jérémie Wookey and Kristin Snowbird. Part 2: Winnipeg Love / Hate focuses on our fair city’s proud but self-depracating heritage, and includes films by Lorne Bailey, Angela Heck, Jeff Newman, and Gary Yates. Part 3: GFF Homegrown is a compilation of films created by festival board members and former GFF Pitch Contest winners, Orlando Braun & Jorge Requena Ramos’s THAT MENNONITE JOKE. Part 4: How to Save the World focuses on ecology, climate change and we can all help sustain the world around us. Included in the program is Bruce Little and Noah Erenberg’s DRIVE FOR FREE 2, and the audience is invited to check out three alternative fuel vehicles (electricty, propane and vegetable oil) outside the theatre, after the screening! Part 5: Outside the Perimeter features local underground film giant Mike Maryniuk’s latest short NO CULTURAL VALUE (HotDocs2016) and Mike Saunders’s THE PRIVATE LIVES OF WILD CREATURES.
Watch the trailer for Mike Maryniuk’s NO CULTURAL VALUE!

The Gimli Film Fest is once again proud to present the World Premiere of over 20 brand new films created by emerging Manitoba directors through through the Winnipeg Film Group‘s 48 Hour Film Competition! Two dozen teams are competing for a list of great prizes, after writing, shooting and editing a short film together in 48 Hours or less!

Also presented by the Winnipeg Film Group is a live poet / filmmaker collaborative performance, dubbed F-Wordz on Friday night at Kris’ Fish & Chips. In this intimate outdoor venue, you’ll watch as three poets and filmmakers team up to perform poetry accompanied by video, followed by AL PURDY WAS HERE, a post-humous documentary about the famed Canadian poet! Sign up now because there’s limited seating available!

Additional short films by Scott Fitzpatrick and Rhayne Vermette will also play during the festival!

All in all this means seven feature films and over 45 short films featuring Manitoba content will screen as part of Gimli Film Festival 2016!!
Watch the trailer for Guy Maddin & Evan Johnson’s THE FORBIDDEN ROOM